Monday, April 2, 2012

Surgery went well

Amy said he went in about 12:30 for surgery and out about 2:50. 
It's just after 7pm and Amy is bringing him home.

Now the hard part. The recovery.
He looks so miserable.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
We took the twins to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.

Téa is going through this thing today about bugs and spiders.
She was sure one was on her all the way there.
And all we could do from the front seat was to assure her repeatedly
that we have no bugs in our car.
When she gets like this she just wants Grandpa to hold her.
Which is a little hard while driving.
(Although I remember doing that a few times when my sons were little.
Before seat belts and car seat laws. Freaky to think of now.)

She has a big rip in her tights (underneath those leggings) 
that she insists are from the itty bitty gnat 
that landed on her while playing in the back yard today.

It's hard being little and trying to understand this scary world.
But her big brother's life is not a day in the park either right about now.


Karen Mortensen said...

He really doesn't look too bad in the picture right now. Wait a while and the "color" will come. He will feel worse when he wakes up. (been there done that) Pain meds were my friend back then.

The twins are so cute. Sorry they were having a sad day.

grandmapeg said...

I don't envy Austin the pain of recovery. I hear that isn't fun. Poor Téa! I still go through that phase every so often of bugs and spiders on me but that is usually after I've been camping. You really did hold your boys on your lap while driving??? I remember holding my children on my lap while in the front seat but I wasn't driving. I wouldn't have been able to concentrate on two things at once :-)

Dad and Susan said...

So cute that the twins wear their sun glasses upside down. Are they aware they're wearing them that way? Love to Austin for an uneventful recovery. Love, Dad and Susan

Grandma Honey said...

Yes Peggy, I did a few times hold them while driving...just short distances and because they were crying. Crazy I know. But it was a different world back then. We use to keep our infants on the floor board in their little carriers...or even just lying on a blanket. That's just what people did.

I remember when my oldest was about 15 months old and so active while we tried to drive anywhere. Finally we thought it would be safer to put some money into a car seat...thinking that would be a good way to keep him contained.

When my 2 oldest were born we were handed our babies to hold in the car on the way home from the hospital. That's just the way it was back then. By the time McKay was born in 1984, car seats were the style and law. I remember some mothers rebelling saying, "Nobody has the right to tell me my baby has to ride in a car seat!"

Grandma Honey said...

Susan~ We tried to correct them but they insisted on wearing them like that.

Susan Rozier said...

Happy Birthday Jill!!! Love, Your Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

Confession: I held my little ones while driving, too. (In the 1970s before seatbelt laws) All the time! Like Jill said: it was different back then. Fortunately, no one ever got hurt. I remember telling my children, who were often standing up on the seat, "Hold on!" when we'd turn a sharp curve. I think they paid more attention to what was going on because of it. They couldn't just zone out in a car seat. I remember resenting the law when it came into effect. (But, I got used to it and my last child was always in a car seat.)
Heck, just like when I was a child, we used to let the kids ride in the back of pickups! It was a different world! I think it was more fun.

Sue said...

Love the upside-down sunglasses!


Sue said...

And wishing the patient a quick recovery!

Ammy said...

I love the upside downglassestoo. Yes it is hard on little minds. My Josey ( age 4) still has a hard time distinguishing between her dreams and reality. It's hilarious to hear what she thinks happened...

Becky Jane said...

Love the upside down sun glasses...on both of them! You'd almost think they're related...LOL

Poor sweetie! Bugs are a serious matter.

Becky Jane said...

Your 17 year old g-son looks miserable. Do you think now would be a good time to introduce him to my 2 teenage daughters? LOL

Anonymous said...

In the 50's: I used to ride on the back ledge of the car or on the floor in the back seat. My husband said he got to ride very short distances in the trunk---I'm assuming the lid was open!!

Lisa said...

Wow. The things we put ourselves through to feel whole again! He's a BRAVE dude. He's also good-looking. Tell him I have several attractive nieces! LOL