Sunday, April 8, 2012

A family praying for answers

I feel compelled to share another blog with you this Easter Day.

This is about a Mom who is in a nightmare right now.
Her 4 1/2 year old special needs daughter is in such pain that even morphine is not controlling it.
But the Drs cannot figure out what is causing the pain or where exactly it is.
Since her daughter is not verbal, she can't tell anyone.

So she keeps a constant vigil at the hospital by her little girl's side,
hoping and praying continually for answers.
She did leave for today only, so she could do
Easter baskets and church with her other children. Life goes on.

Every day I check her blog to see if there are answers.
And every day so far, there aren't.
We will hope for tomorrow...

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Sue said...

What an awful experience for both of them. I hope the doctors figure this out soon.