Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To prove how old I am

I want to tell you about last Thursday night.

We got home about 9:30 from our 2nd retirement class with Mrs. Sun,  to find these 2 sitting on our couch.

 But they weren't this dressed up.
No bouquet either.
Other than that, they looked just as cute.

 We had a cozy chat about life with teenagers (they have 2 now), and what goes on in the schools at that age.
Oh the drama I remembered when I was in middle school, only we called it Jr High.

 After we said goodnight, we all went to bed.  In other words, they went home, and we tried to go to sleep.  But what is often the case for women my age (or so it seems from what my friends tell me), I could not sleep.  I was tired, but just couldn't. I think those 2 1/2 hours sitting in class, my body thought it was all rested up.

So I got out of bed about 1am, still thinking of the drama of middle school, and I went in our closet and in the dark pulled out one of my many journals from back then.

I took it out into the family room and just started reading about my life in 1969.  I also ate one of these. 
  They are the best!

So about 1/4 way through this journal I turned it to look at the cover.  And saw the date.  Take a look.
 It was exactly 41 years ago.
(Excuse my rudeness on the cover, I was 15.) 

It was filled with page after page pointing out what was wrong with every one else.
But I did have one paragraph where there was a peek of hope to sweetness.
 I sure hope I did something nice for her back then.  In 1969, she had 8 children at home, ages 4-17! 

I thought this next entry was interesting too, because.....

Just 4 days before reading this, Shelley (the 7 year old I mentioned in this entry), put this picture of herself and her 2 sisters on her blog.  The very little girls I was mentioning in my journal 41 years ago!

Back to our retirement class, Mrs. Sun told us to go HERE to watch the National Debt grow.  She said, "Sit back and go into a trance."
Really, take a look.


Sue said...

Boy, do I love watching that cycle. Life really does come full circle, doesn't it?

Thanks for sharing these cool entries from your diaries. What a treasure they are!


Richard said...

Why don't you share the entries on June 3, August 12, or Sept. 29th? Those were the ones I remember best...your diary was a great source of teenage boy entertainment.

darlene said...

My diaries from that age are full of silliness and self-centeredness and drama. Sprinkled in between all that are expressions of guilt for not being nicer or more understanding of my mom who was quite depressed at the time. I think I actually was really good to her, but I FELT impatient inside.

Jill said...

Darlene~ So you kept diaries too? Mine were mostly about who wore what to school. I actually kept track of some of that with hand drawn charts. Oh, and it had a lot of drama about who was saying 'hi' and who didn't at school.

Dad and Susan said...

You always have such interesting blogs! When I can't sleep I play FlipWords on the computer! Or, watch TV in the living room!

I do admire these parents in the thick of things with their children in these challenging times on the earth.

Watching those National Debt numbers was a TRIP. Who need mind altering drugs when you can stare at those and go into a trance literally.

Shelly Winegar VanWagenen is in our ward. Who knew you babysat her once?

Love, Dad and Susan

whittle sticks said...

That's the nicest handwriting I've ever seen from a Jr. High girl.

I was always too afraid that someone (one of the two sisters mentioned below) would read my journal so it only says things like "I took a shower and went to school today".

Mama Pea said...

How could you be so sweet at just 15?! I love this. Sorry I've been absent lately, life has been chaotic. But I still look forward to checking in each time you post!

Jill said...

Whitney~ Thanks for the compliments on my handwriting back then but I have a hard time looking at it!

MaMa Pea~ Thanks for checking in...especially with all you've been through lately. Please keep us posted about Rachael. She is on my mind and in my prayers.

grandmapeg said...

I agree...you had very nice handwriting back then and it's gotten more beautiful as the years have gone by. I think junior high and high school years are always dramatic...back then and now. Thanks for sharing some of your entries, and knowing you, I'm sure you did nice things for your mom and probably didn't realize it.

Jill said...

Oh I wouldn't count on that Peggy. I was very self absorbed back then.

I do love the drama of middle school though. If I were to choose any age to teach, that would be it!

Kris said...

When we were there last, I really enjoyed talking to Amy about all the middle school ups and downs...especially for girls. It was so nice to sit and be able to relate to one another as we both have girls the same age.

Jill said...

Kris~ That is such a hard, and unpredictable time of life. A good mom is the key to survival.

Lisa said...

Your bro Richard is a riot! Anyhow...when we visit next, you're going to have to tell me what is written as I can't read it (low vision, ya know...: O) Those girls sure a gorgeous! I can't wait to click on your teacher's link. Thanks for sharing. Wish you would have give a few more highlights of what she asked you guys to do for yourselves! HINT.