Thursday, September 9, 2010

Look at this email we got from Kim

"Hi Jill and Dad,
Good and bad news...

Bad news first -- Robbie missed his 2nd day of Kindergarten because his temp got up to 105. I felt so bad for him. He has been sick all weekend but is now on antibiotics and is doing a ton better.

Good news -- We are scheduling an appointment tomorrow to have his tonsils out.  They're as big as golf balls as the dr. put it on Saturday morning when we took him in.  He gets fevers quite often and his tonsils are usually the culprit, so it's time to take them out.

Worrisome news -- I hate the thought of him going through that surgery, but it will be the best thing for him.  And although they let parents watch by video, I don't think I'll be bringing the popcorn. ;)

Here are a few pics from his first (and only) day of Kindergarten. And like a worry-wort, over-protective mother, I followed the school bus all the way to school. :)  Matt says, "Mom, that's called being a stalker."  I said, "Matt, I prefer to call it being an "over-protective-my-last-child-is-off-to-kindergarten-and-I-will-follow-the-bus-if-I-want-to" mom.  Ha!

Love you both...
Oooooo such Good Lookin' brothers. 
Robbie and Matt

Also their cousin Rachel started preschool this week.
Is she stylin' or what!
Can you tell she's been posing since birth?
Don't forget, Kim and Kris start their 2nd season on The DIY Dish on September 13th!  

(And they let the parents watch the surgery through video?  
Are you kidding me Kim??! What's the point of that?)


Dennis said...

That's my girl...the overprotective Mom. I'd have it no other way. Actually, there was probably a line of cars following the bus on the first day of school.

I recall hearing the story of another overprotective Mom (name unmentioned) that followed Tyler's bus and got stopped by the police because she almost caused an accident.

The kids look great...growing like weeds. Looking forward to seeing them in a few weeks.


Dad and Susan said...

What a beautiful area they live in! The pictures are darling. You have to go through bad to get to the good--the tonsilectomy will make such a difference. Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Den, that was McKay. I don't think I ever let Tyler on the bus.

Dennis said...

I never said it was you. I just changed the name to protect the innocent (that's a phrase from my old career).

I can't imagine Kim watching a video of one of her kids having surgery. I think they would probably have to medicate her. Can't you just picture it...calling in a second anesthesiologist to the video room to knock her out?


darlene said...

You go, Kim! It's only natural and right to follow a bus taking your five year old to school the first day. What if the bus broke down? What if he was crying for some reason when he got off the bus? What if he needed help getting to his classroom? What if he left his lunch on the bus? What if some kid was mean to him? What if he needed his mother's arms FOR ANY REASON? Yes, I was another protective mom, and my kids all went on to be independent adults.
I prefer to call us healthily-attached to our offspring.

Jill said...

I second that Darlene!!

Karen Mortensen said...

Don't worry Kim. I would have been worse. I would have either been on the bus or followed it all the way to school and went in the room.

Good luck with the operation. You are braver than me if you watch it. I couldn't do that.

These kids are all so cute.

Sue said...

I'm not so sure I'd WANT to watch the video. Hope all goes well, though. I'm sure it will. That's pretty routine stuff.

Cute pics!


grandmapeg said...

How would Kim like to be an over protective Grandma like me? Taking my granddaughter, Kasey, to school for the first three years of school, I was probably the last adult to leave the school grounds after the bell rung and the first to be there after school to pick her up. I'm probably the biggest "worrier" of anyone. But on a more positive note, you and Dennis have such cute grandchildren!

Kim said...

Thanks everyone for the mom support - lol! I bonded with the other moms who also followed the bus -- in fact, I took a picture through my rearview mirror showing that there was a line of cars behind me. :) All of us moms jumped right out of our cars, camera in hand of course, and took pics of our kids who were basically saying with their eyes, "moooomm...go away." :) It was cute. :)

I'll keep you posted on Robbie's surgery.