Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hailey's 3 aunts

Or should I say 3 of my nieces.
Or my niece Robin's 3 sisters.

Whitney, Lindsay, Natalie
with their "significant others" as you will soon see. 

See the one on the far left in the green shirt?  That's Natalie's boyfriend, Brian.  Yep, I finally have a picture of him.  And Lindsay and her boyfriend Gard are across the table from him...and of course you know Whitney and Bret because they have been married forever...3 years I think, right?

They were all at Gard's family's beach house.

I thought at first it was Bret and Whitney lost out there in the ocean, but no, it's Lindsay and Gard!

Lindsay and Gard....Cute, huh?
Love his curls!
Well there you have it.
No longer a mystery. 
So what do you think so far?


Karen Mortensen said...

I must have missed something. What mystery? I had no idea that any of this was a mystery. I am so happy for all of these girls. They are all so awesome.

Jill said...

The girls aren't a mystery. It's just that they live so far away that none of us have met Natalie and Lindsay's boyfriends. But at least now we have pictures.

Dad and Susan said...

We're all for all of them!!! Looks like a really fun first-time reunion. Gorgeous scenery. Love, Dad and Susan

Anonymous said...

I think it is unfortunate that they couldn't have found something closer to the beach... All cute, all of them, every last one.

Dennis said...

Cool house...but, actually, I prefer being where it's miserably hot with poor air quality. That way you can taste what you're breathing. Looks like they had a lot of fun. Maybe sometime I can get my wife to go with me out as far as Lindsay and Gard.


grandmapeg said...

That's way too far out for me. I'd rather just get my ankles wet, maybe my knees. The ocean is certainly beautiful and the house is so nice! They are all beautiful young women and I'm glad you finally got to see pictures of their boyfriends.

Eileen said...

Beautiful family! Beautiful home on the beach too!

I've been here visiting, Jill, but when I try to leave a comment I just get an 'error' message!
I think some of my blogging problems are solved but not all.

I was able to access your blog on Facebook and I left a long comment there, I also sent you a message through Facebook once too.

I've really missed everyone and I'm hoping to blog more regularly now, and visit more often too.

The movie you posted about sounds interesting and I'll be looking for it (although we usually wait for movies to come out on 'pay per view', but I'll put it on the list. Also, I've always loved the Everly Brothers and 'Let It Be Me' brought back memories!

I loved the way Elora greeted her little friend and then made sure to include Cami! Really beautiful!

Thanks for visiting me, Jill, and thanks for sticking with me through all my blog problems!
All the best,
PS ~ I have a paper around here somewhere with all the comments I wrote down on some of the past posts you've done, when I find it I'll type it here!

Sue said...

I love Gard's beach house; that's what I think!