Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I don't "suffer" in silence

You know how some people keep their challenges to themselves? How they endure things so well, with a smile on their face...and no matter how rotten they may feel they always say, "I'm doing great."

You know.
The ones who are used for examples in Sunday School.

Well that's not me.

I've never been that way. Just ask my family.

I cope by talking.

My life IS really good, I would be so ungrateful not to acknowledge that.

But my feet still hurt. I pulled some tendons in one foot, and now because of all the hobbling I have been doing for the past 16 days, both feet are very sore and painful to walk on.

So I stay home far more than I want to these days.

Thankfully, I have children and grandchildren who come to visit.

To name just a few...

I have Elora who comes over and says to me:

"Grandma Honey, you should try some hydroxitone. You just put it on your face and you can look younger. You can use it, or you don't have to....but there are some people who look 20 years younger!!"

She's 6, and thanks to infomercials,
she's always looking out for me.

And then there is little Téa who is in love with her Mommy.

And Jonas who is giving his opinion:


Eileen said...

Oh, Jill, this was sweet! Your grandchildren are so beautiful, and I love that Elora gives you such wonderful advice! That is too cute!
And Jonas really had a lot to say! He really did look like he was trying to convey something very important to you! I love it!

And I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one who does NOT suffer in silence! If Jill, who is SO GOOD complains every now and then, well, that makes me feel a little better! Thanks, Jill!
Feel better.
I'll keep you in my prayers.
All the best,

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I am with you Jill. I really like to talk about things too. It helps me think better.

I love what Elora said. Where can I get that stuff?

I LOVE that picture of Amy and Tea. That could be in a photo contest.

I think you should take Jonas' advice. He really seem to know what he is talking about.

米黄色纱布 said...

Haha,your grandchildren is so cute.

Rebecca said...

I am sorry your feet hurt! That is not a fun thing, believe me, when your feet hurt, you don't feel like doing anything. And so, I am hoping they are feeling better soon!!

grandmapeg said...

Elora sure does look after you, doesn't she :-) And your twins are cute!!!!!! I have to admit though that all I see when I look at Jonas is the Munchkin man, thanks to you for pointing that out! And, if you would stay put, those feet would get better...FASTER. But that is an impossibility for you so just remember the saying, "Whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". Right????

Lisa said...

Well what a pain! Your feet still hurt, huh? I'm starting to think there's something wrong w/ me too. The outsides of me fee along the sides are really, really bugging me for no reason.

Sorry that you are having to SLOW down. I love Elora. She's got to be the "light" of all lights! Those twins sure are growing! Give us an update on Logan's garden. It must be massive by now.

GOOD LUCK finding FUN in this journey. You could always read the book of the month for book club! It looks really interesting.. Love ya Jill!

Jill said...

Lisa, We need to get together and talk about our feet. Mine hurt on the sides too. I will ask the podiatrist tomorrow what that means.

Mary said...

I've had plantar's fascitis for several years, which causes heel pain, especially in the mornings. Thankfully, it comes and goes, but it isn't fun so I feel for you!

And you know well, I'm a fellow "complainer," although I prefer to think of it as "sharing"! How else do we share each others' burdens? We gain good advice from our friends, and they take comfort in knowing we all have problems to handle and we all survive them in the end.

Jill said...

I like your philosophy Mary...makes perfect sense to me!
So you have plantar fascitis? Oh that is what I dread!

Selwyn said...

Hi Jill!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I don't know which is worse for sure, but I'm thinking divorce is the leading contender. Memories aren't good with divorce, whereas I imagine they are a blessing with death.

I don't suffer in silence! I don't exactly "share the wealth" of my pain either, but I'm not wanting to be a matyr and obviously a long way off it =)

Take care, Selwyn

Kris said...

What a sweet post of the kids! Sorry to hear about your feet. I wish there was something we could do for you.

Jill said...

If you notice Kris, at the very beginning of the Jonas video, your dad is talking about you and Kim.