Monday, August 10, 2009

A typical First Born

My oldest brother Richard, and his wife Wendy are here visiting here a few weeks ago. They brought Hailey so she could go to Family Camp.

They arrived just in time for our 112' weather.

Wendy and Richard

So I found these pictures of Richard. I think he is the only one of us 8 siblings who has his babyhood documented with pictures.

He is definitely the only one who has pictures of his baby shower. But then back in those days, I think showers were only given for firstborns. No matter how many children you had after that, you were just suppose to pass down clothing.

Okay, here we go....

6 weeks old

8 weeks
3 months
4 months, with Grandma Slinkard
5 months
7 months
about 1 year

In 1953 with Grandma Slinkard and cousin Lori
18 months
He is in the back row, 2nd from right.
This was taken inside our church at the time(Echo Chapel), in 1957

Click to enlarge. Please do tell if you recognize anyone here.
These kids would all be in their 50s now...some of those little faces look very familiar.
Wish I had names.

A close up of the little angel


Richard said...

I think that since we all looked so much alike Dad figured that one set of pictures covered the issue and he was probably right.
The one baby shower policy in effect at the time did cause some issues. As soon as I outgrew the baby clothes and gave them to Jill, I went bare chested until Kindergarten. We did have one size 4T shirt but John apparently looked better in it than either Jill or me so he usually wore it.

Susan Rozier said...

These pictures are so precious! Richard's comments are priceless. Your family is a delight, and adds a great measure of happiness to my life. I love being a Rozier. Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This is all way too cute. Not only in Richard funny, he is a stud as well!! I agree with Susan's comments. I am not really a Rozier but can I be an honorary one?

grandmapeg said...

It seems like the 'first' child in a family always has the most pictures and documents. Since I'm the last of nine children, I think there are only three or four pictures of me and lots of my oldest sibling. I think as moms, the more children we have, the less time we have to take pictures and document things. These are great pictures to have. Thanks for sharing!

Dennis said...

Richard, you haven't changed a lick in all these years. I'm glad you finally got your own shirt.

Oh, by the way...can I stay at your house on the 3rd of Sept?


Eileen said...

This was great, Jill! You really have the best family pictures! It's making me want to pull out our old family photos!

Do you know, I see a lot of the twins in your brother's baby pictures! They really do look a lot like your side of the family from what I can see!

Another great post, Jill! I loved it!
All the best,

Eileen said...

PS ~ Did I miss it? Did you ever find out where the red strainer came from?

whittle sticks said...


Thank you so much for posting those pictures, I've never seen any pictures of my dad as a baby, they are too precious.

Jill said...

Whitney...I wonder why your Dad never showed you pictures of him as a baby. I have a hard time seeing him as a baby...even in these pictures he looks big and out of place.

No Eileen, I never did find out who the strainer belongs too. Weird huh?

Princess Fluffybuns said...

Thank you for posting these pictures of my dad! I have seen photos of him as a toddler and little boy, but never any baby photos.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

What a cutie! And that's all I'm gonna say.