Saturday, February 6, 2010

Same school 57 years later

Yesterday on our way home from Sanger to get Den's milk (another story for another day) we drove right by my Mom's elementary school.  Not sure how many years she attended there but we have her report cards from 1938-1943.

It's now a church.

(on Kings Canyon and Locan in Fresno)

So I went home and found these pictures below.
Same building, 57 years ago:
Graduation from 8th grade, 1943.
My Mom is on the left.

Look, same window and doors!!

Funny how they had Dress up Day, even back then.
Mom's on the right.
Wonder whatever happened to Elmass and Mable.

And her teachers.
She would mention their names every now and then.
She contacted I think all of them in their later years and I know she use to visit at least one of these
women in a Rest Home towards the end of her life.

Miss Lambercht, Miss Reynolds, Miss Norris

Well maybe this is where McKay gets his math gene. 
The only thing she got "E" for excellence was in arithmetic, reading,
and in "is courteous and considerate"


Mom would often talk about how she was not a very good student.
I think she was just being her humble self.
So she kept this cartoon all those years.


Dad and Susan said...

What a fun review and look back. You are so clever and dedicated to interesting blogs. Your ability to put your hands on things from the past is amazing. It must be organized somewhat--I'd have to look through many, many garbage bags. All the ancient stuff used to be in boxes, but in transporting it from Utah, it got transferred to a more "packable-in-the-car" method of storage.

You're impressive! Love, Dad and Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I love this. Your mom looked so cute. I like what they called the report cards and I love the teacher's handwriting. They took pride in handwriting back then. The cartoon made me laugh. I love it. What a "good" attitude that little girl had.

Jill said...

My mom made many scrapbooks about her life, so it is easy to find pictures about different events. I told her years ago that when she died all I wanted was her scrapbooks and she said, "Okay, they're yours."

grandmapeg said...

I agree with are impressive!! I love that you have all of these pictures and personal history items. What a treasure. Your mom is so cute. You are so blessed to have these pictures and report cards of your mom's. Thanks for sharing. Susan is right, you are dedicated to interesting blogs.

Richard said...

I had never seen those pictures before...very interesting. Didn't know about the school either.

Jill said...

I just got the following letter from my Mom's brother about this post. I thought family may be interested in it:

Dear Jill,
Thank you for the most excellent blog about your mother and Locan School. You have the dates right; we moved from Bakersfield to rural Fresno in May 1938 and moved to town at 3421 Lyell Avenue in 1943. Gaynor would have been in the 3rd grade when we arrived in Fresno, Ted in the 5th and me in the 7th. Miss Ingebord Lambrecht was my 7th and 8th grade teacher. Miss Reynolds taught primary grades and was principal. Miss Norris taught the middle grades.
From eighth grade at Locan in 1943, your mom went to Roosevelt High's class of 1947.
Locan School closed when it was merged with larger nearby schools. I don't know which or when because we were gone by then. The building, on the south side of Kings Canyon Road a little east of Temperance Avenue, sat empty and in disrepair for many years. I am glad it has been rehabilitated as a church.
Your mom stayed in touch during Miss Lambrecht's final years in a rest home. She and her husband had spent years in Saudi Arabia, he in the oil business and she teaching school to American students. She died maybe 10 years ago.
You can to see a picture of our house at 3421 E. Lyell Ave. My parents lived there from the time Dad sold the farm at Butler and Temperance in 1943 until they moved in 1955.
The mortgage was $25 a month. A look at the picture will tell you why.
With love,
Uncle Don

Mary said...

I love these trips into the past!

Jill, in a past post I saw Richard's queries about Joel Weeks of Show Low. The name was familiar so I asked my sister-in-law Dana about him. Turns out she and my brother Jeff know the Weeks family well. Joel used to be their bishop and is currently in their stake presidency (they're in Show Low Stake; I'm in the Pinetop-Lakeside Stake next-door). Dana and Joel's daughter (or daughter-in-law? Not too clear on that)Kelli are very good friends. I don't recall if I've ever met Joel, but I've visited with Kelli many times at Jeff and Dana's house.

Please pass the info on to Richard--I see he's already commented on this post and may not be back here to see this message. Thanks!

Lisa said...

What a GREAT POST! It really brings things to a full circle so to speak. She had a sense of humor too! I wish I could've gotten to know your mom, but then again....I guess I am through you and in knowing you.

Valerie said...

What a fun post! Your mom sure seems smart with those good grades. Sounds like she has a good sense of humor too.

uedesigns said...

This is great, thank you for sharing! We currently have our church there at the old Locan school and I was just browsing the internet to try and find some historical information about the building and came across your post from 2010. This is fantastic! There's limited information that I could find (especially pictures) Thank you for sharing, Vince

Grandma Honey said...

Thank you for your comment Vince. If you find any other info about that site, please do pass it on to me! I also tried and tried to find more info. Thank you again. Good luck with your church.