Family Health Update

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and concern, and comments!!

Brock is recovering very well from his surgery and went back to work today. Yah!!

Little Camers, (along with Erin who would did not leave her side the entire hospital stay)...came home yesterday (Tues) and is slowly getting her strength back. Erin called this morning to report that Cami slept all night which definitely sounds like she is on the mend!

This was taken a few months back.
I love this picture...She is such a sweetheart.
Sometimes when I am with her, I fear I will kiss the skin right off her face.

Elora is still coughing but we sure enjoyed having her stay with us this week. Monday we took her to see Marley and Me. There were a few questionable scenes for a 6 year old so I had some explaining to do. Dennis however, who was with us, said he will never take her to another PG rated movie again.

It was worth it though on the way home when Elora said to me, "I liked that movie even better than a trip to Hawaii."
Not sure just what she meant by that being she has never been to Hawaii or known anyone who has gone there, as far as I know.

(She had quite the cough so I put Vicks all over the bottoms of her feet before we went to the movie and she did not cough once while there. That stuff really works. Just make sure to use white socks.)

I wish I had known about this remedy when my boys were small.
Would have saved us many sleepless coughing nights.
On another note...hopping over to my other son, Logan's house. Amy said she is fine to stand or lie down, but even sitting for 10 minutes gets uncomfortable as the babies take up her lap and more.
This was actually taken a few weeks ago.
She looks uncomfy to me, but happy.
Next Thursday Amy has invited me to come to her 3D ultrasound! Both of us can hardly wait!


Kris said…
Glad to hear Cami is on the mend! Such great news! Amy looks fabulous as ever.

I agree with you on Marley and Me. I took the girls and overall it was such a cute movie- even got teary-eyed at the end. But I was so frustrated with some of the things they talked about in there. And the audience was filled with children. I should have known better with who the 2 actors were that were in it.
Lisa said…
I LOVE that photo of Cami. She's so dang cute!!! It is going to be so exciting to see those TWINS! I don't know how people can carry more than one baby. She's doing so good, it amazes me.

As for Vicks. I am SURPRISED by the FEET thing. Why not the chest? Interesting that it works with the vapors coming from so far below the nose (feet). Very interesting. Great update btw!
Anonymous said…
This was a good reassuring blog. We're so glad Cami is doing better and that Elora is also. Brock--your surgery must have been orthoscopic if you are back to work so soon. Medical science is amazing. Amy does look great. We had dinner with them at Kim and Scott's the other night and so enjoyed getting to visit with them up close and personal. Great couple and family. Your life is never dull is it Jill? Love, Dad and Susan
Rebecca said…
That Vicks thing reallly does work!
grandmapeg said…
Good to hear that Cami is out of the hospital, Brock is recovering nicely, Elora is doing better and I think most of all that Erin is back at her house so she can get a good night's rest! Erin is a great mom! And Amy looks like she could have those twins any day but at least she is smiling! What a trooper!! Thanks for the update!
Anonymous said…
I am glad that all is well for you and your family. You know how I feel about Cami. She is my little sweetheart. Not to take anything awoay from Brock. I am really glad he is doing well too.

I love that remark Elora made about Hawaii. That sounds like a church comerical to me. She is soooo cute.

Amy looks great. I am glad she is doing well. Carrying those two babies must be hard. I rememer how hard it was towards the end with one. Good luck.
Anonymous said…
PS I forgot to add my praises about Vicks. That stuff is awesome.
The Gage Cage said…
I'm glad everybody is better....esp by the time you read this comment. I can totally relate to the "kiss the skin right off her face"..feeling. I seriously can't get enough love from my babies. Glad to hear I'm not the only one like that.