Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Brock will know...

what his 2 little sweethearts were doing while he was having his gall bladder removed...

Camers was heavy into La La Land.

Elora was watching Leave it to Beaver with Grandma Honey.
We got a good dose of those 1950s morals.
The first episode was all about telling the truth.
The next was about Beaver wearing the suit Aunt Martha
bought for him so he wouldn't hurt her feelings.
Love that show!
Elora read me the book, Miss Nelson is Missing.
I remembered reading this book to her Dad so I looked at the copyright date.
1977...the year he was born!
While Brock was in recovery the 2 sisters snuggled up close.
Look at their intertwining hands.
These pictures were not posed.
While Brock's pain was escalating on the way home,
Erin slipped into Target to get his prescription,
while Elora posed for this one.

We hope you become pain free soon Brock.
I am so thankful Erin is such a sweet and devoted wife to you.
I always hoped (and prayed) you would marry someone like her!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE all these pictures. They are so cute. I love the way Elora watches TV. Very unique. Good for you for watching Leave it to Beaver. More kids need to watch shows like that. I hope Brock is doing well. Give him my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Rebecca said...

What sweet pictures! I love how Elora is upside down. I also love the sweet picture of Cami asleep. I hope Brock has a speedy recovery! I still need to get those DVD's!

Lisa said...

These are great pics and interesting that the book was written when Brock was born! Poor Guy. No one likes to be in pain, but imagine he's comforted by the fact that he has an incredible legion of "ANGELS" all around him! You girls are wonderful!

Ammy Moore said...

I hope Brock is doing well. I thought about you guys all day today and remembered what I was doing when I had mine removed. Glad things went well.

Kim said...

Praying for a speedy recovery for you Brock. Thinking of you..


Brock said...

Thanks everybody, I'm feeling much better today. Not pain free, mind you, but better. Luckily, this is pretty routine stuff but it was my first surgery so it's kind of a new experience for me.

And thanks to you as well, Mom. This post meant a lot to me. I was hoping you'd do something like this. Hasn't been long, but I miss the little buggers.

grandmapeg said...

I'm glad Brock's surgery went well. Hopefully by his birthday he will be feeling great. It looks like the girls had fun at your house. The intwined hands is so cute!!!!!!!!

Dad and Susan said...

It was good to hear Brock was out of the hospital and recovering. How fortunate they (Brock and Erin) were to have you to help and how fortunate they (Cami and Elora) were to have you to love and tend. Now, if Brock can be pain free, all will be well. Love, Dad and Susan