Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My cousin Steve

Sadly, we attended my cousin Steve's funeral yesterday. 

I'd been to St Anthony's Catholic church many times through the years but I had never seen it so full of 
people. It was full and overflowing. Steve had SO many people who loved him. 

I remember growing up we would often go to Aunt Leonie and Uncle Jim's house (Steve's parents) on
Sunday evenings to watch Walt Disney Wonderful World of Color, 
because they had a color TV and we didn't.

My Mom had mentioned to me often through the years that she learned 
much of her early mothering by watching my Dad's sisters mother their children.

Steve's first birthday with his Mom (my Dad's sister) in the background. 1949

Brothers: Steve, Mike, Ron 1952  (before younger brother Bobby was born)
(Thank you for the pictures, Ron and Yolanda!)

Fast forward 62 years and here is Ron, Mike 
and also my cousin Kathy yesterday outside Steve's service.

Unfortunately, funerals seem to be our family reunions.

See how happy my Dad was to see his nieces and nephews yesterday!

Dad and David

Dad and Kristine.

Dad with Mike. His family means very much to him.

Ron and Yolanda's son, Chris, and his girlfriend. Dad is asking them when they are getting married.

I will remember Steve as being always so welcoming and friendly.
So sweet the way he made such an effort to come see my Dad last February.

Dad's nephews: Ron, David, Steve
I know Steve must not have felt well at the time, but he never mentioned that.
That visit, I know, meant a lot to Dad.

This was included in Steve's program and read at his service.


Richard said...

Thanks for posting! Sorry we missed funeral.

Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry for your loss. He seemed like a great guy.

Susan Anderson said...

Sorry about your cousin. It's true, though, that every funeral has a certain element of joy as the family gets together. Your dad is looking pretty great!