Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Take a look at Hailey's interesting new home

Hailey and her Dad recently moved to a cottage in Mill Valley. I love even the word "cottage."
So Hailey's Chickie took pictures when she was there last week and Jason gave permission to share them here.

I'll start with Hailey's room....the stairs leading up to it.
What child would not want to climb these stairs?

Her submarine door.

Hailey has been out of a crib for a long time, 
but I think she likes to keep it in her room because it was chosen by her Mom. 
So this is where her dolls live now.

Now on to the rest of their beautiful cottage.

My brother Richard (Hailey's Grandpa) sent me this video of Mill Valley.
Do you remember this song from the 70s?
I didn't think I did until I listened to it and it came back to me.
I very much DO remember it but all these years I thought Mill Valley was a fictitious place!

If you were alive during the 1970s, take a listen and see if this sounds familiar.

The house is still asleep around here, but once everyone is up,
Wendy (aka Chickie), and Hailey are going to head up to Pismo today to see Auntie Nat.
It's felt like one big 4 day party.
 We've got to get these girls together again soon.


the Rich girl said...

What a cute place! I love all the windows. And it seems like it might be somewhat secluded with all of that greenery just outside.

I think I'd enjoy living somewhere like that.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Hailey's new house! If I was a child, I would adore that room!!!

Sue said...

Her room is a kid's dream, and Mill Valley is so charming. We often go up there for a hike and lunch or dinner.

Love all the windows with tree views, too.


Stephanie Cozzens said...

I think I want a bedroom with a submarine door (although I think those stairs are for kids!).

Jill, I've tagged you in one of those blogger tagging games. The instructions are in my latest post, but I understand if you're too busy. I enjoy being a bloggity friend with you, and this only meant to say, "I like being your blog buddy!"

Susan Rozier said...

Cottage and Charming seem to go together! Looks like an Eden-type setting. So good to see Hailey again. She and Elora are so fun to see together. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

What a cute bedroom Hailey has! The 'cottage' (I love that word also) is very nice and I love the open windows! Elora and Hailey look like they are best friends! And...the bag looks cute :-)

Anonymous said...

It looks like they are living in a treehouse! What fun!

Becky Jane said...

Her bedroom is so magical. I've never seen a sub door. What a novel idea.

Grandma Honey said...

That's exactly what Hailey's Chickie said...it's like living in a tree house!

Grandma Honey said...

Steph~ I'd love to answer those questions...it may take me a while, but it'll be fun. Creative questions they are!

Amy Nielson said...

I can't believe it's been so long since I've read your blog! I'm way behind and it has been fun catching up on all your posts. And I LOVE their new cottage! So great!