Thursday, May 20, 2010

What goes around, comes around

While looking through 1973 pictures for my last post, I also found these:

Life is so interesting the way it turns out.
My brother Richard and his friend Steve in 1973, with my Mom.
December 22, 1973
So here we are 37 years later and
In less than 3 months, Richard's nephew will marry Steve's daughter.  Who would have thought back then.

I took this video last December.
McKay, Katie Cleveland, and Jake


grandmapeg said...

I think Jake looks like he could be Richard's son...not nephew! These kids look like they have way too much fun together!! Cute video clip!!

Dad and Susan said...


You sly dog you, pretending to take a still shot while video taping instead! So so fun to see the old pictures. We loved the laughs this brought.

What a welcome for Katie to the Rozier side of the family!

Love, Dad and Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love these pictures.
You know that Robin was Andrew's mother's visiting teacher once? Now their children are married to each other. Small world.

Lisa said...

That is amazing! Let us know how it was. Thanks for this post cuz it gave me an idea of how I might spend the next couple of hours with my mom whose pretty bored right now! LOVE YOU!

Sue said...

You are so sly, Jill!