Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elora worrying about her friend.

I was introducing her to my favorite childhood movie, "Pollyanna"

While I was driving her to my house after school on Wednesday, she started by telling me about her little friend Nebula.

Elora:  "Nebula had to go to the eye doctor today.  She has a problem.  Every time she blinks her eyes her glasses fall off."

Grandma Honey: "Why would blinking make her glasses fall off?"

"Because her eyes are very very pale."

(Oh of course, that explains it.)

"I think the doctor is going to tell her that she needs someone to just hold her hand really tight and that will make her glasses stay on."

"Why would that help?"

completely ignoring my question continuing....
"If Alexandria holds her hand she will hold it too tight.  Victoria will be too embarrassed to hold her hand   And Izzy will hold her hand too softly.  But I will hold her hand just right."

"Oh, This sounds like The Three Bears"

"No, it doesn't.  There are 4 girls in this story." 

I was Elora's same age, SEVEN, when I ..........
Don't you just love the way Johnny was smiling in this picture?  Sorry Richard got cut off.  And sorry I was taking over the picture. 

Okay, here goes. 
I told my friends that I was not afraid to walk right into the boys' bathroom at school.
And I did.
I walked right in while they watched from outside, and the yard duty teacher walked in right after me with her whistle.
I was only 7 but I could re-enact the whole scene today. It is that imprinted in my memory.
It was such a horror from my childhood, that I can still picture the sandy blond bouffant hairdo of that yard teacher. 
Some memories never leave us alone. 


Dad and Susan said...

Jill: Did you go in there on purpose or was it an accident? WAM (What a Memory)! Love Dad and Susan

Dennis said...

We're trying to locate a therapist that is an expert in removing sandy blond bouffant hairdo's from memory. That's enough to scare anyone.


grandmapeg said...

Rebellious? Daring? Risky? Or just plain "go against the rules type girl"? My goodness, this is a side of you that I've never seen before :-)) Having been a playground aide for five years, I never did come upon anyone doing what you did, but hey, you were willing to take a chance and I love that!!! This is such a cute picture of you!!! And I love Elora's conversations with you!!! They are the best form of entertainment! Thanks for sharing!

Richard said...

That's a rare family photo...everyone has a shirt on.

Kris said...

Wow Jill! I never knew that "wild" side of you existed!!!! :)

Elora is just too dang cute.

Jill said...

I was 7 when I made that impulsive choice, and really, it has haunted me all of my life...well sort of.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I love what Elora said about her friend. So sweet.

darlene said...

Can you explain Elora's thought process here? Or is it just too "out there"?

Jill said...

Well I know she was worried about her friend Nebula because she was getting new glasses. She told me in the car before this story started, "Nebula is so worried about getting glasses and I've told her that I was worried too before I got mine but it turned out just fine." Then Elora's imagination started in. I think she's going to be a writer, or an artist like her Dad. She overflows with creativity and at age 7 she doesn't know quite what to do with it she shares it.

As a side note, when she got home she told her Mom that she wanted to take her book about a little girl who gets glasses, to school to give to Nebula the next day.

Jared and Heather said...

What a sweet story from Elora. I read it to Jared and we both got a laugh out of it! :-)

I am the same way about childhood memories. Somehow the ones that stick in my head the longest are the ones where I did something embarrassing. I think about them and cringe.

You were such a cute 7 year old!

Natalie said...

I love how she said she would hold her hand just right, what a sweet little girl she is. It is funny/sad how some horrific moments stay with us forever...

Sue said...

I just love Elora. What a girl.