Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naming a baby was not easy for me

 Logan holding McKay

Last Friday Den and I went to downtown Fresno to get McKay's birth certificate, so he and McKenna could get a marriage license.  That's a must for Montana.

Wish I had my camera with me because oh what an historical building.  So after waiting in the short line I went up to the counter and requested my son's birth certificate.  She searched on her computer, the screen in view to me, and said,  "No...there is no McKay.  Just Brock, Logan, and Tyler.  Could there have been an adoption?"

Just hearing her say that made me want to say,  "NO, I did not adopt him out!"  Instead I calmly said,  "No" 

"Well there is no McKay."  

I gave birth to him just a few blocks from this building. I know I did.  And I raised him.  He's been gone for 7 years, but I am still his mother and I know I did raise him.  But I did not say this.
Instead I said,  "Well he's on there somewhere."  

So she put in a search under my name.  Being I'm the mother and all.  Good choice.
Then I heard her say,  "Oh I see what happened."  

Good, she found him.

"He is listed here as the first name, "Mc"   Oh and here's his middle name,  "KayNathan"

I asked if she could please change the computer to "McKay Nathan"  She said she didn't know how.  I must have looked worried because later as I was leaving she said she would have her supervisor take care of it. (I'll never know if she did.)

Then she says to me, (and this is the embarrassing part), "Oh look at this...a 2 part birth certificate."  Like she had never seen one before.  I explained that it took me a few months to name him so I had to file an amendment to the original.   
"Well isn't this interesting," she said.  I really did not think it was such a rare thing. Or maybe it was her first day on the job.

I thought back to the morning after McKay was born.  The pediatrician came in and asked for the baby's name.  I said I didn't know yet.  He said,  "Didn't you know you were pregnant?"

I absolutely loved the name McKay back in 1984, but it was practically unheard of.  I didn't want to name him something odd, not knowing it would become popular later.
The other 2 names we were considering:

The bigger truth is, I hadn't named Logan yet.  And he was 5.  I didn't think it right that his baby brother would get a name before he did.

Apparently I'm a conservative decision maker.

However, I admit I was relieved when just a year later, and just a week after another positive pregnancy test, I remember exactly where I was sitting in our family room, when I had the sudden thought come over me,  "It's another boy and his name is Tyler Matthew."  I never looked back.  I knew, and it felt good to know.

Back to McKay's name.  And now, 26 years later, and I realize it would just not be the same if it were McKenna and Adam.
Or McKenna and Chad.

McKenna and McKay


Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Now I know where Robin gets it from. She took a while to name her children too.
I am so excited for them. I am glad his named worked out so we could have a Mcmarriage!!

Cynthia said...

How sweet! I love this story, thanks so much for sharing. I had a difficult time naming my oldest. We didn't really agree on a name until after he was born. On the other hand my second son I just knew what his name would be from early on in the pregnancy and so did my husband.

Dad and Susan said...

Wait, we're confused. Did we understand right. Logan was 5 years old and he hadn't been named yet? How'd that get by?

It is definitely neat that there is a McKenna and McKay. We agree that Chad and Adam don't sound nearly as charming.

Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Well he was called Logan from the beginning but we had some indecision, shall me say, about his middle name. Back then, babies did not need Social Security cards, so there was no hurry to name them.

Nate and Julie said...

I guess it's genetic. Clara wasn't named until 3 days old, and that's a long time considering they won't let you leave the hospital without a name! I'm just too indecisive and there are far too many names in the world to choose from.

Jill said...

Well the 3 days did you good Julie, because Clara is a totally darling name.

grandmapeg said...

I'm glad you clarified to Susan and your dad about the part of 'calling' him Logan but not having it official. My first thought when I read this was, "so what did they call him for five years....Boy?" Well, I'm sure glad you decided on McKay because I love that name. I also think this is a cute picture of him and McKenna! The picture of him and Logan is sure cute.

Lisa said...

I love these reflections of the past posts. And...what's up with the county of fresno's office people anyways...? What a weird lady.

Anyhow...that picture of McKenna & McKay is absolutely ENDEARING. It's so beautiful to see the look of love & happiness in both of their eyes. Great post Grandma Honey!!!

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

I think this just proves how much patience you have, because I know I'm way too anxious a person to wait on naming my children. Heck, I was way too anxious to wait to be born until when I was due.l.o.l.

Jill said...

I remember well how you had Amanda's name picked out when you were pregnant. I can still picture you and Nonie discussing it in my parents' kitchen.

Kris said...

This was so interesting to read this morning! I LOVE this picture of McKay and McKenna- they look just so happy!

just another Belle said...

what did you call your child for 5 years before you gave him a name??

Jill said...

We called him Logan from the start, but my husband and I had different ideas about his middle name. Finally, 5 years later, he won.

Sue said...

Now tell me, where can my son find a darling girl like that? They are just the cutest couple ever!


PS. I love the name story. And McKay is a great one...I'm glad you had the nerve to choose it before last names as first names were popular.