Monday, January 31, 2011

Does anyone know how this works?

My Dad gave this to me and I and it's the strangest thing ever.
Would you mind going to this link and just do this little game. 
Takes less than a minute. 

It's like the computer is reading your mind. 
Really, there's got to be a reason and I want to know what it is. 

Just 2 simple steps, and then tell me what you think. 

LATER: The comment section will give the answer, so don't look until you see if you can figure it out.  
I sure couldn't!


Princess Fluffybuns said...

I sent this to Brian and here was his response:

"Silly. If you take two say 99 and take away a 9 for the tens place and a 9 for the ones place you get 81. If you do it for 98 take away one less and you still get 81! you might say well what about 27...well take away 7 and 2 and you get 18...for 26 you take away 6 and 2 and still get...18! Now what do 81 and 18 have in common? They are multiples of 9. So do it for any number between 10 and 99 (she says pick a two digit number) and you will find that you always get a multiple of 9. (9/18/27/36/45/54/63/72/81). Now check out her boxes for all the multiples of 9. You will see that they all say the same thing. The item itself changes every time you do it but all the multiples of 9 say the same thing so it doesn't matter what number anybody picks. Everybody gets the same item.



Natalie said...

It took me a while...and I called Kevin so we could talk through it and figure it out. Your answer will always be a multiple of nine (9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81) and if you look at the gift chart all of these numbers have the same gift listed each time. Thanks for the fun!

Ammy said...

That's weird...I tried it several times and it was right every time...except for once when I did the math wrong.

Ammy said...

I Googled it because it was driving me crazy...this is what Google says:
"No matter what two-digit number you choose, once you do the little subtraction trick, you will end up with one of the following numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81. And if you look at the grid closely, you will see that the same gift is in each of those numbered boxes. The grid changes each time, but those boxes will always share the same item."

C Dawn's bucket said...

I think it has to do with analyzing your cursor patterns. Try not moving your cursor and see what happens. When I didn't "search" for the number with my cursor error it was wrong every time.

the Rich girl said...

Yes! I figured it out. But you'll have to let me know if you actually want me to spoil the fun. (I don't want to be a killjoy.)

cristie said...

i saw your gals on TV this morning. darling girls. so i had to drop by and give you a shout. xox

Grandma Honey said...

How smart you are!!


Thank you so much for solving the mystery!!!!

Richard said...

My dad could figure this out if he wanted to...and he could beat up Hulk Hogan, too.

grandmapeg said...

I don't play these kinds of games often enough to remember what to look for, so every time I do play them...I am amazed at the answer. I guess it doesn't take much to amaze me. It's a fun game though.

Sue said...

Okay, I did that three times, and that is the freakiest thing ever!

(I've now read the explanations above, but I would NEVER have figured that out. I am not a math brain.)


Eileen said...

Amazing! Even with reading how it's done, I still find it so amazing!

I don't have the head for numbers and I was always so bad at Math so all these 'number' games are mind-boggling to me! It's the same with those 'guess your age' games.

And I would never be able to make heads nor tails out of what McKay is studying! Now that is amazing! I am in awe.

I love the video they made for you, such a great idea!
Love to you,

Stephanie Cozzens said...

Crazy, but fun!