Monday, August 31, 2009

Lots happening in our family this week

In random order because I don't know what order these all happened in...

Carly and Enoch named their baby:
(in case you missed it on their blog)

Jude Kennington Sears

b. Saturday 8/29/2009 5:24am

9lbs 11oz

Jonas has learned how to make the "eeewww" sound.
Our handsome grandson Matthew will be baptized this week in Logan, Utah!

Erin and Cami, along with Erin's mom Lynn went to Disneyland for the weekend.
(Elora had a weekend of Daddy time.)
Jacob got his finger caught in a door. Broken and cut badly. So here he is stitched and splinted with his big sisters consoling him.

Suddenly (like overnight) there was an opening for Rachel to go to preschool.
Does she look ready or what?

Karen and Tyler have been in Scipio, Utah (where ever that is) this past week with McKay and McKenna, riding horses. The horse ranch belongs to McKenna's Uncle. I guess she is an experienced rider, and McKay is "fearless" as Karen describes.
Couldn't make these pictures any larger.

My latest foot xray shows "some really good bone growing!" I'm feeling much better but I still have several weeks left with the cast on. Can you believe Susan got these videos for me at the library?! She is continually thoughtful like this.

Saturday night when we went out to dinner, Den says to me, "Hey Jill (he doesn't call me Grandma Honey), Here's a purse for you!"
Think again honey.

And so we are now waiting for Julie and Nate's baby to be born. Shouldn't be too much longer but first babies often take their time.

I'm sure there is lots I missed. This is all I know for now.


Eileen said...

Great post, Jill!
I love reading about your beautiful family!
Love the name for the new baby!
The twins are adorable!
Congratulations and God Bless Matthew!
Cami is too precious in that picture with Pluto! It looks like she had a great time!
Poor Jacob! But he looks like a trooper.
Rachel looks so cute all ready for school! I wonder how she'll like it?
The ranch pictures were great! I have a respectful fear of horses, but I love looking at pictures of them!
So nice of Susan to get those videos for you, it's such a wonderful feeling to be loved and cared for!
And your husband is funny with the purse, and you make me laugh ('he doesn't call me Grandma Honey')!

'Loved this post, Jill!
You have a wonderful sense of humor and a wonderful sense of family love.
I hope your foot heals soon!
Take care.
All the best,

Krista Gage said...

Obviously Dennis has impeccable taste! Very classy purse! There has been a lot of ALL GOOD things going on with your family! Got to love times like that!!!!

Krista Gage said...

Oh, I forgot to say...I'm SO GLAD your foot is healing!!!! That's wonderful!

grandmapeg said...

Wow!!! You do have lots happening this week! What a week full of wonderful memories. It's great that you get to keep this all documented with pictures. It sounds like everybody is having fun. Keep resting that foot and you'll be out of that walking cast very soon. BTW...we pass by the exit for Scipio on our way to and from St. George. Don't blink or you'll miss the exit...that's how small it is. Thanks for sharing! Did you hear that the Duggard family announced today on The Today show that they are pregnant with #19?

Dad and Susan said...

What an informative blog! We loved all the information and the pictures are wonderful. Did Dennis buy you the teddy bear purse? We are eager to hear about Julie. We got to see Jude and family last night and guess what? We learned that Aunt Jill brought in two meals. Broken foot doesn't seem to keep you down! Love, Dad and Susan

Lisa said...

So much EXCITEMENT! That horse back riding looked like a total blast! I liked how it was McKay & McKenna! Cute. All you grandkids are so CUTE! Nice update & photos-I enjoyed it all.

It's nice to know your body can still grow bones, huh? Gives me hope for the future aches & pains sure to come!

Valerie said...

Great pics of your family. You don't like the purse, huh? :)

Sue said...

Things are going great...with the exception of the hurt finger, of course.

And, I just feel compelled to add:



Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love it all. Well except the broken finger, ouch. I think that purse is you.LOL

Kris said...

What fun pictures! I loved seeing all of them. I am excited that Dad will be here this weekend for Matt's baptism! It will be fun to see Tyler, Karen, McKay and McKenna as well!!!

Anonymous said...

I do like the purse selection Dennis. Although you really should be picking out a nice black dress for your wife.

Paul Gage

Dennis said... got me. Don't forget...this blog is G-Rated.