Saturday, January 24, 2009

What a thoughtful boy

Yesterday afternoon we found this note on our porch, put there by a neighbor close to us who we have not met yet.
He also had his address, and 2 phone numbers left under his name!
Den and I were so impressed by his consideration for us and the rest of the neighbors as I'm sure he must have left this same note on the houses all around us.

This reminded me of a party my son, Logan (age 17 at the time) had in our backyard back in 1997. Over 100 people showed up to hear the live band, and have food. He also passed out a similar note to our neighbors.

June 1997
The "band" used my bedroom window for their grand entrance.My10 year old niece Ashley made sandwich after sandwich for the crowd in our backyard.
Is it any wonder she grew up to have a job with BYU catering?
Back to the notice above, I think I will make a copy of this post and take it to our new neighbors, Ryan and his family, to show our appreciation for his kindness.


Lisa said...

That is g reat. How often do we see that kind of consideration. Good to know we have conscientious young people. I'm constantly amaze by the youth in our area. So Good.

grandmapeg said...

As soon as I started to read this post I remembered right away that party of Logan's and how you were a bit concerned about the noise level and how it would affect the neighbors. It's good to know that you have a neighbor just as considerate and you and Logan! You don't see a lot of that now a days.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. That was so nice of him to give you that note. I am glad there are still people like that around.

I loved seeing the picture of Ashley. Now I know where it all started for her.

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, Ashley started at a young age cooking for and serving people, didn't she. I'm extremely impressed with your neighbor boy and also that the music isn't going on past 9:00 p.m.--that's the remarkable part! So fun to see the pictures of the "olden days." Using your bedroom window as an entrance was a kick! Really enjoyed this post. Your access to all these pictures from before is very impressive. Love, Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Right, that is what I thought was impressive's only going till 9pm but he still wrote us that note. When Logan had his party it went till 11 or 12, I think so of course we wanted to let the neighbors know. I'm glad this boy told us because I can sure hear the music going now and instead of thinking, "What kind of neighbors are they?!" I'm thinking, "What a nice boy to let us know."

Kathy said...

What a sweet story. Good manners are like gold. The picture of your neice is darling.

Rebecca said...

I think that is so thoughtful. How old was this boy? I wonder if it was him or his parents who did this? Jake had a last day of school party a year or so ago, with about 15 kids, night games, bonfire in the back yard, etc. We too let the neighbors know about it and the time it would be over. They all seemed very happy that we told them, especially the older ones. Sounds like you have good neighbors. That is so funny, the picture of the band climbing out the window!

Logan and Amy Heasley said...

I got to witness the party going on tonight. I was so impressed that he left everyone a note letting them know what to expect. I think that is very polite. I had a neighbor do the same thing and it makes all the difference!!

Richard said...

Sherm Sowby met Tylers fiance at the BYU basketball game yesterday. he overheard her and a friend talking about Fresno and her engagement. He inserted himself into the conversations and told them all about Fresno and the Heasley/Shelleys. he even knew that brock had recently had his appendix removed! The funny part is he would have probably known just about as much if she had mentioned any other family in Fresno. Hopefully he was on good behaviour and didn't scare her away.