Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update on my Provo boys

Tyler took off for Texas a week ago
to be with Karen and her family.They are now back in snowy cold Provo

McKay flew off to Provo on Tuesday but is now in Washington DC.
He arrived nearly 2 days before the rest of the math students.
He is still there alone, waiting for them.

No picture of McKay in DC but here's the view from his hotel room.
He took a subway to church today. Something I certainly have never done.

The house is quiet, and cleaner.
But I miss them.

I'm sure I became annoying to them with all the pictures I took,
but they never complained.

The night before Tyler went to Texas
we took them both out to dinner.
Not sure about that face Tyler is making.
McKay obviously did not read my blog about the lemons in water.

The last night, Elora came by to say goodbye to Uncle McKay.

I loved making breakfast before we headed out to the airport.
While McKay was eating I kept thinking how easy he was to please growing up.
He would eat anything he was given. Just ate it and thanked me.
So one school day when he was about 10,
after he had eaten breakfast I made him a second breakfast...Just to see what he would do.
I called to him, "McKay, time for breakfast!"
He came back into the kitchen, sat down and ate the next breakfast!
Never did he say anything like, "I'm full" or "I already ate."
No, he just sat down and ate the 2nd breakfast!

We'll see our Provo boys the end of April when they come back for Tyler's wedding,
and to see the newborn twins.


Anonymous said...

You have such great kids. You are so blessed and they are blessed to have you as a mother. McKay would have starved to death in my house because I am not sure I would have made him the first breakfast! I love the picture of Tyler and Karen. They look so cute.

Richard said...

You're a great cook and McKay probably inherited my short term memory loss when it comes to good food. Good thing his metabolism is high!

grandmapeg said...

I'm glad McKay found his way to church. I've been waiting to hear from you to see how today went for him. I'm glad I decided to check here. By the pictures I can tell they enjoyed their time at home!

Lisa said...

These are such great pics. I love the story about McKay's sweetness. It makes me sad that he by himself when Jacki's so close to show him around!

That's so exciting about Tyler's wedding!

Rebecca said...

That's so funny about the 2 breakfasts! I will have to try that on Jake sometime. I am sure he would not complain!

Kim said...

I must have missed this -- when is the date of Tyler's wedding and where are they getting married?

Dad and Susan said...

Great pictures! It's so fun to see what your next blog will be. We always enjoy them so much. You have good looking boys. Love, Dad and Susan

Ronnell said...

Tell McKay I don't see any good old southern grits on that plate. :-)

Jill said...

Ronnell, if his mom knew how to make the southern grits she would! He use to talk about them when he first got home from his mission...I know he loved them. I did buy a box but I had no idea what to do with them. Why don't you start a blog and show us how? And then I could also see your beautiful grandchildren!! :))

Kathy said...

What a good looking couple Tyler and Karen make. My oldest daughter would never refuse a second breakfast and it's not because I'm a great cook. I think all six feet of her just gets hungry not long after the first breakfast. She'll probably kill me for shraring that.

Ronnell said...

I am attempting to start one Jill, I am finding that I am blog challenged though. Lots to learn. Grits are super easy to make, the secret is to buy the 5 minute kind, follow the directions on the box, use REAL butter and whisk the daylights out of them. That makes them really creamy. Needless to say, due to the real butter I don't eat them often but they are wonderful, especially with cheese in them.

Luke and Nat said...

Is that Tyler and Karen's engagement photo? Cute, cute!

The Gage Cage said...

Cute breakfast story! I think your boys are SO handsome!