Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Red, White, and Blue Pancakes

I found a good blog to share that I discovered a few weeks ago. I made her recipe for pancakes tonight and they were go good and hearty. You just put everything in your blender, including the whole wheat kernels, uncooked. What a great way to use some of that wheat we all have in our food storage.

Tonight we had turkey with vegetables. I don't suggest serving pancakes with this meal, but I was anxious to make them and didn't want to wait til morning.

We didn't have the berries to go on top, or the whipped cream, so I guess our pancakes weren't exactly red, white, and blue. But they sure were good. I'm certain my kids would love them.

Go to her blog and check it out. She is passionate about her food storage and actually uses it daily. Really, what good is our food storage to us if we don't know how to use it? Her blog is full of ideas and they just keep coming. This one on pancakes was her 50th post.


Rebecca said...

Wow I can't wait to try this. Also, I am sorry for not commenting, I haven't been reading blogs lately, much stress going on here! But, I am sorry your son has been sick and I am glad they figured out what was going on!

Luke and Nat said...

Jill, I know I should jump on the whole wheat thing, I feel like I am accomplishing something if I just buy wheat bread instead of white...my food storage is all canned goods (like chili, grn beans, corn, etc...) I don't know what I would do with wheat or flour or something if I had no way to cook it...is that lazy? haha...I am starting to fill up our used jugs with water. We had a little run in with no water because of a pipe problem a while back and I was soooo grateful we had water storage so I could take a bath and have bottled water to drink...i'll have to get some wheat and try this though...i love your blog, so fun to read...i need a run down of who's who...the 3 older girls that stayed with you belong to Brock? It's been that long since he was married? My how time flies!!!! Love, Love your blog! ;)

Jill said...

The 3 older girls who stayed with us for 8 days are the daughters of Den's twins. Brock's girls are 3 and 5.
A good place to start with the food storage is to get some wheat and make these pancakes :) I had never known till yesterday that you can put whole wheat kernels in a blender with liquid and they will grind up just perfect. I always ground up my wheat separately for pancakes before. In another year or 2 when Whitney can have wheat, she's going to love these.

Go into May's posts and bring up "Don't wear too much makeup" and you will see Brock's oldest daughter.

tyler said...

You could just ship those in the mail to me. I really want some pancakes.

Jill said...

Hey, if I could I would.
Anything for you Tyler :)