Monday, July 28, 2008

A phone message

Den and I came home tonight to this message on our phone,
from our 5 1/2 year old granddaughter:

In case you can't quite make it out, this is what she says:
"Hi Grandma Honey, it's me Elora
Today my tooth just came out
and it was very exciting
and we just put it in my tooth fairy pillow
and I like having my tooth out,

I felt like jumping up and down and screaming. I was just soooooooo excited.
Why? I don't quite understand it myself.
Probably for the same reason I jumped up and down and screamed the day her Daddy lost his first tooth.


Anonymous said...

Jill, This is too cute. I understand about getting excited over stuff like that. I got excited over the fact that my son went in the swimming pool the other day. He hasn't done that in a while. I hope the tooth fairy is good to her.

Jill said...

Oh how wonderful Karen. I bet Daniel LOVED the pool!

Connie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. Would you like me to add you to the Grand Roll on my side bar? That way we can keep up with each other!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jill, What a precious message from Elora. And you've got it saved for all time!!! My 6 year old grandson, Knox, called me Sunday with the message that "the goose" was dressed in a bikini and sun hat. The goose is a statue in a lady's yard in Chico and every day or so they drive by to see what the goose is dressed in that day. I thought his dismay was because the goose was wearing a bikini on a Sunday, but it turns out he always thought the goose was a boy and boys don't wear bikinis! Love, Susan and Dad

grandmapeg said...

What a cute, cute message Elora left for you!! She is just an absolute cutie! I hope the tooth fairy is good to her :)

Brock said...

I can confirm that the tooth fairy was indeed good to her. Not only did she get a personalized, signed message from the tooth fairy saying she could keep the first tooth, but she also got $10. Today, Elora combined that with money saved from her allowance to get the Hannah Montana doll she had been coveting for many weeks.

Me, I don't remember there being so much blood when my own teeth came out.

Anonymous said...

What is this tooth fairy's number? I have some old teeth from when I was in 6th grade. Do you think that would work????