Friday, September 2, 2016

Wonders from this past week #5

I'm still learning my way around this house.
For example.....

1. The first day we moved in 2 weeks ago, I turned this stove on and I could smell my Grandma 
Lella! She had a little gas stove in her tiny mobile home back in the 1960s-70s. 

They say our sense of smell is our strongest and longest memory. 

But gas is different than electric. Low is never low enough so food cooked very long, burns.

I've learned through google that I needed to buy one of these and it helps so much. 
Now I am back to making pilaf.

2. These OXO toilet bowl brushes are the best ones ever. 

 I just pop the brush right out of the container, and it pops right back in place.
 I don't ever have to touch the container at all. So clean, and easy to use
(and there are hole vents on the bottom so water does not collect in the container like the last ones I had)

I never wanted 3 bathrooms to clean, but these make it easier.

3. And just in case you are dealing with wasps...
From the house we just moved out of.....
See that odd shaped thing in the upper left hand corner of this picture?
I wrote an email to the new owners last week telling them what that is.

It's a fake wasp nest so the other wasps will go away, and it works!
(apparently wasps don't like to share territory) 

4. Our bookclub host last night needed to go to Vegas to help with her new grand baby,
so we met at my house. And I took this picture for her.

No one read the book, again, but we have the best time just talking for 2 hours. 
My sister Peggy is sitting next me, and my sister Robin (in white) was our surprise visitor!

How rude I am sitting there with my phone. 
But I just never know when more grand pictures will be sent and I don't want miss out.

Like this one that came during our discussion....
He's probably the tallest in his class, but he only turned 5 a few weeks ago!
Already hitting the big world out there. 

5. During book club I announced that Peggy has a new grandson
 and one of the ladies said in a surprised voice, 
"You're a Grandma Peggy??!"

She was even more surprised when we said it was her NINTH grandchild!

Baby Rockwell Dean with her son in law Brian.
I must add that Rockwell is 9 lbs, 6 oz!

That's it for now.
Actually it's not, but I need to go to bed.


Scrapally said...

We have a terrible wasp problem. I need to find one of those pronto! What was the book noone read? ha ha. There is usually at least one person who hasn't read the book but not all of us. And this week I was the one who hadn't finished it..but I am really enjoying and WILL finish! I need to find one of those toilet scrubbers too. You find the best stuff. I WISH I had your stove! I have electric and am having a hard time cooking with it. At least that is what I blame my cooking on. :)

Anonymous said...

what is that you're cooking in the first picture? and a book club meeting that no one read the book? huh?

Grandma Honey said...

Allyson, those fake wasp nests work like a charm. Den's son found them in Utah and brought us some years ago. We have had to replace them a few times over the past 15 years I think it was since eventually they wear out from the sun. But we had absolutely NO wasps with the fake nests in our yard. You could probably google them. We found some at Lowes.

Are you use to a gas stove? And you miss it now?

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene, That's french toast. And we sometimes all read the book and have lively discussions but this year we have been slacking. But we always have a good time regardless. So it's always worth going.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are so wonderful! I especially LOVE the photo of you with Robin and Peggy. (Hi Robin and Peggy) You all look great. Congratulations on the birth of Rockwell. So precious. And might I add what a handsome son-in-law, Peggy.
I like the plaid sofa placed there, too. What refreshments did you serve?
While growing up, we only had electric stoves but once married, I have used lp gas. I much much prefer lp. Don't ever have to worry about power failures and I don't recall burning foods. The diffuser is a nice idea but give yourself time to adjust and learn new things. You can do it!
Thank you for the 'Get Lost Wasp' product. You should post that on facebook for all to 'share'.
Mentioning the sense of smell and long-ago memories reminded me of certain scents from my childhood. I used to have a stick balm that eventually got all used up. I so loved that scent as a kid. I didn't remember what the scent was until just a few years ago when I found a flowering bush in our woods and its scent was the same as that balm. Memories flooded back. It was honeysuckle!!
More first day of school pix please.

pjc in mi

Karen Mortensen said...

Sounds like good things are going on for you.

Susan Anderson said...

I like the sound of your book club.