Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh... the baby shower.....

A night of mixed emotions.

Such a happy event though....a new baby about ready to venture in 
this world in just a week or 2 or 3.

Our grandson Austin and his wife Brooke about to have a baby.

Brooke's mom, Kim, barely got off the plane from Ohio 
in time for the baby shower. 
This was the first time she got to see her daughter pregnant. 

They both worked very hard getting ready for everything. 
And Amy too. Oh my goodness Amy too. 
Not even sure I got any pictures of her. 
She was all over the place all evening, running the show.

Good to have the sisters together, Téa, Laurynn, Macie, and Kylie 
plus their new sister Brooke.

Lots attended!

Beautiful food
Katie, Robin, Heidi

Cooperative guests

Drawing babies on their heads

Austin, the Dad to be, was not planning to come until the very end.
But when he heard that his dearly loved Nana was going to be 
there, he came and sat with his arm around her most of the evening. 

Amy as so happy to be with her as well.

The Dad to be, along with the soon to be uncles, 
Chandler and Jonas.

Hard to believe Kylie has been married a whole year now!

Such great friends came to celebrate.

Still through all the wonderful celebration for such a happy event, I could tell something was wrong. 
But I didn't know what. 

I just kept seeing a few women at a time disappear into the bedrooms. 
They would be gone for awhile, then come back to the party. 
Then some time would go by and there would be a few more slip away for awhile. 
I could see pain on their faces. 

I could have asked someone but I didn't. I think I was afraid to know. 
And someone would tell me soon enough. 

Then my sister told me. A baby from their ward, and one I know too, 
died from a drowning a few hours earlier. 17 months old. 

These women were grieving. Most of them are young moms. So this hit them way close to home. 
They were also plotting and planning on how they can help this family. 
That's what good women do. 

About 8:45 many started to say their goodbyes and leave. About 10:15,  we were about ready to go to 
bed, when I heard some talking coming from one of our bedrooms. We hadn't realized we still had 
some guests here. But they needed to talk to each other.

On the very day that some are celebrating and happy, others are sad and grieving. 
And last night some were doing both at the same time. 

I went to bed thinking of the suffering. Thinking of all the pain and incredible sadness of the family 
having their baby gone. Thinking of all the good women here last night who have it in their 
hearts to help. I also went to bed thinking of this hymn that I've loved for years.

"....The errand of angels is given to women. 
And this is a gift as sisters we claim.
To do whatsoever is gentle and human
To cheer and to bless in humanity's name...."

The joys and the sorrows.
And sometimes they come together. 

Where would we all be without each other. 


Susan Anderson said...

This just makes me heartsick, Jill. But isn't it wonderful how women care for each other?

Grandma Honey said...

That is just what I've been thinking too. Like Mister Rogers said, in a tragedy look for the helpers. You will always find helpers.

Scrapally said...

That baby shower was just in time! Congratulations to all for the new baby. Hugs and prayers still going for the other sweet family. Bless all those women who help in any way with the joys AND the sorrows.

Anonymous said...

There is so much to this post that I hardly know where to begin with my comments. Your home is gorgeous and to think that you had just moved in and are already hosting. You have an incredible heart.
I love the attention to detail....the decorated cupcakes, the fruit and veggie trays so precise, the balloon bouquet and small vases of flowers, the one-ies around the rooms, the duckies in the punch bowl, the 'draw the baby' awesome. Sooo glad you took the picture of Kim seeing Brooke pregnant for the first time. Very moving and priceless.