Thursday, September 29, 2016

An odd good twist to Chandler's story

Last Friday night while our grandson Chandler was getting his 
eagle and standing next to his best friend John.....
Neither of them had a clue that just 4 days later they would find out 
that John's mission call is the same as Chandler's! 
They are both going to the South Carolina Columbia mission.

The very next morning after John's mission call opening, 
Chandler left for his mission (John joins him in November)
Logan, Amy, Chandler, Macie, Laurynn, and Austin bright and very early yesterday morning.

But wait, there's more!
Our granddaughter Jessica left for her mission too...
yesterday, the very same day as Chandler!

Her Dad saying goodbye to his baby girl.

So Chandler and Jessica are both at the Missionary Training Center 
together, arriving the same day!
I'm sure they will hook up and have a picture taken together.

Had to show these pictures of Jessica and Chandler from 2008....
Jess is #2 from the left, Chandler is #6 
Emily, Jessica, Elora, Kylie, Laurynn, Chandler, Katelyn, Macie

Chandler doing the jump, 
and Jess trying not to miss him while recovering from hers.

And one of their several EFY (Especially For Youth) adventures together.
Jessica, Kylie, Chandler, Austin

Oh the sweetness and surprises of this life.


Karen Mortensen said...

All of this is so awesome. So happy for everyone.

Grandma Honey said...

Happy Birthday Karen! Not sure if your birthday is actually today, but I know I'm close, right?

Scrapally said...

So exciting and fun! What wonderful young men! (And sisters...the cousin there at the same time is so cool!)

Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations to Chandler on earning Eagle status!What an accomplishment that is. Good job.
These are such great photos of your grandchildren. It is nice to see the pictures of Logan and family still seems to be a dream that I've met them. The picture of Jessica and her father is so precious and priceless. What a moment that must have been. And then to learn that Chandler and Jessica are training together. Cool beans! Where is the training center located,which state?
pjc in mi

Susan Anderson said...

Great coincidences all around! And maybe some tender mercies, too.


Karen Mortensen said...

Yes Jill, my birthday was on Friday the 30th. Thanks for remembering.