Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wonders of the past week #4

Things happen everyday that I either learn or notice, 
and I wish to remember....
so here are some from this past week:

1. At one point in our packing I came to the realization that we own 8 hole punchers. 
How does this even happen?
I told Den I'll get rid of all but 2, and he said, 
"No, don't get rid of them. 
You never know when we will need to punch lots of holes all at the same time."

2. Maybe he was understanding since he has a thing for keeping old cell phones. 

I asked him WHY he kept them all.
He said he didn't know.
Even kept his old Palm Pilot. Any one have a clue what we should do with them?

3. I opened a make up bag tucked away in our garage that I hadn't seen in years, 
and found this souvenir from our honeymoon....

Before Dennis and I got married he asked me if I would be willing to move to LA.
I said no, because I don't like earthquakes. 
So he agreed we would live in Clovis, and I agreed to getting married in LA. 

At 2:46 the morning of our wedding, 
my hotel room shook terribly and continued with after shocks until morning.

I came so close to calling Dennis in the middle of that night 
but I didn't want him to know he was marrying a wimp that day. He learned soon enough.

4. "Fredy and his friends" were off the charts amazing.
We hired them to move us on Monday. The one on the far left is Fredy

They wrapped all our furniture up in heavy blankets and were SO organized.
$90. an hour ($30. for each guy) Took them 7 1/2 hours but only charged us for 7.
So of course we gave them a tip. 
Money WELL spent!!!!

5. One day Den, Tyler and I just so happened to be driving by our church as the steeple was being
delivered. We stopped and watch it go up. Found these pictures while packing.
I'm guessing this was about 15 years ago?
Historic day for our church building but as you can see, not many got to watch it happen.

6. Found this in McKay's old bedroom closet. I'm guessing he must have been about 10 or 11?  
Not sure. (He's 32 now)`
And no, he never got his rat. I'm not that fun of a mother.
But the part that makes me laugh now is....IF we did give him a RAT,
 did he really need to ask for a cage?


Rebecca said...

I love this letter..a rat, oh my. I would have said no as well! Although we did have a hamster for a short while...a very short while...

grandmapeg said...

First of all, where is number six of your seven?? All of the hole punchers was the best!!! I could come up with two or three old cell phones around my house but I think we only have two hole punchers. When did you start collecting those :-)))

Grandma Honey said...

I counted wrong again? I did that last week too. So I fixed that. Thank you grandma peg. And I didn't know I was collecting hole punchers. I probably go a year or two without even using ONE.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the moving went smoothly and that you had a good crew helping. Now you can start collections in the new home. With all the hole punchers and old cell phones, you can pass along 'heirloom' gifts to each of the grandchildren! (if you ever find out what to do with old cell phones, please let us know as we have a collection too).
I noticed in the photo with Fredy and friends that there are no trees around the houses. Is this the usual sight in Clovis or just for this particular section of the neighborhood?
Are you sure McKay did not secretly get a rat, or two, and hide them, let's say maybe in the wall?! ;) pjc

Grandma Honey said...

The neighborhood is only 2 years old so the trees are there but haven't grown much yet. The trees in our backyard however were planted mature so we already have some shade. I LOVE trees!

Anonymous said...

So when will we all get to see pictures of your new home? hint-hint for a "Our New Home' post.
And before this area became a neighborhood, what was on this piece of land?

Grandma Honey said...

Very good question. All I know is it was some kind of orchard. I will try to find out what kind.