Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wonders of this past week #3

Things happen everyday that I either learn or notice, 
and I wish to remember....
so here are some from this past week:

1. Two things have really saved us in packing to move:

These plastic see through containers. 

I've filled them with things we will not be putting in our drawers or 
cupboards right away, but will store them in the garage. LOVE how 
we can see through them. Perfect size too. Thank you Allyson for 
the suggestion! We found them at Costco and keep going back for 

And this brown paper tape! 

I learned about this from watching a Youtube video on moving. No 
scissors required. Just tear off and apply. Also they are great to 
write on....something you can't do with regular clear packing tape. I 
found them at Amazon, and also the U Haul store.

2. The buyers of our house texted us one afternoon and asked if 
they could come over and introduce their little girls to us. While it 
felt a bit unusual (normally real estate contacts only go through the realtor) I love 
this more personal way better. Their little 4 year old Kendall made 
a picture for us and I right away put it on our fridge....soon to be 
their fridge. 
In case you don't know, that's her swimming in her soon to be new pool. 

3. We ended up buying a new fridge from Sears. 
It's a Kenmore and I hope we don't regret that brand. 
But I learned something valuable. 
The deals online with Sears are always, as far as I can tell, 
BETTER than prices that are offered in their stores. But no 
problem if you would rather shop in their store because they will 
match their online price, However, ONLY if you tell them. If you 
don't mention the cheaper price online, they won't either. They will 
also honor free delivery or any other perks that are offered online, 
if you ask for it.

4. Am I the only one who just recently learned that Siri on my 
iPhone offers timing help anytime I need it? I just say "Set timer 
for 15 minutes" or whatever time I need, and she does! I use this 
timer pretty much daily now. Especially this week since most of 
what I own is in a box somewhere. 

5. Looking back a bit....Leo really enjoyed this Deluxe Tot Trainer. 
Karen did say it started deflating some in the pool one day and she 
had to re-blow it up. So definitely need to stay right with him, but it 
seemed to keep him more upright than the traditional water wings. 

6. I don't ever remember feeling quite this creative (or clean), 
but I saw this picture on a blog recently.  
She lets her baby eat in the sink, and then I imagine she could rinse 
him off in there too. Mealtime and bath time all in one. 
Whatever works.

7. This next moment ranks #1. I had a hard time keeping my mind 
on the RS lesson at church last Sunday. I was sitting next to a new 
Mom who had waited 13 years for her fresh from heaven little baby 
boy. I was basking in her joy. 
Took this one off Facebook 

I wanted to just sit and stare at them both together, but I was trying 

not to. Still when he would make those sweet baby noises I couldn't 
help but turn their way. I don't have permission from his parents to 
share his name. Okay, I will tell you his first name because it is so 
perfect. Rally....which means: "to come together after a defeat." 

Six more days until we are out of here. Not sure if I should be 
happy or sad about that.


grandmapeg said...

I love the things you've shared!! You are always so good at seeking out information and then applying it. That's a gift!! I'm sure you can feel both happy and sad with this move. You've made a lot of memories in this house and now you are going to be making new memories!! Just carry some Kleenex when you leave the driveway for the last time :-)

Anonymous said...

Another awesome post!! Such great ideas and photos. Are the clear totes something you borrowed from Allyson or can they be purchased at a national brand store? I would like those for my storage needs. Also the brown paper tape is on my list of 'must buy'. I think the new owners will be good friends and invite you over often. I know I would. The Kenmore fridge should last ages...ours did.
Because I did not see anything labeled #4, may I suggest a photo of you and Dennis as you two are wonders to me. The love you show each other, family, friends, even strangers....amazing couple.
pjc in mi

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks to you Pam, I changed some things in this post. I keep forgetting 4 comes after 3. :)

Grandma Honey said...

One more thing Pam. The new owners said we could come back anytime but I told them no. I can't go back. It would be too hard, but so sweet of them to offer.

LMW said...

It was very nice for the new owners to come by. They must've been inspired to know that this is a hard move for you.

Also, ever since I saw Karen's technique for cooking corn on the cob that you posted a few weeks ago, that's how we do it now! So good!:)

Scrapally said...

Sweet that they came by and made you pictures too! you are welcome for the bin hint, glad it is working for you! I love my stackable bins! Thinking of you as you drive out for the last time. Bittersweet. Enjoy creating your new home!