Friday, August 5, 2016

The moving...oh the moving

My sister asked me yesterday, "Aren't you done packing YET?" 
We did take 2 weeks off to enjoy Karen and Tyler and our grand 
babies, but still, I am a very SLOW packer.

I've decided packing is boring. I don't do boring very well. 
But we are getting there and and probably 8/10ths done.

(7 year olds and grandparents are a good combo for packing.)

I get distracted easily, and I have time to take it slow, so I do.

Plus we have had several interruptions such as this....

The workers were just going to "take out 4 tiles, repair a leak, 
and put it back together."
Didn't quite work out that way.
We spent the morning yesterday looking for tile.

And I keep running into my past....
I found this on a shelf in my laundry room.
Back row: Chris, Heidi, Robin, John, Richard, Scott
Front row: Jill, Dad, Mom, Peggy
We would put this picture of my parents and their 8 children, 
on the wall near my mom's bed when she was in the final stages 
of Alzheimer's. I don't think she ever forgot us. 
Everything else, yes, but not us.

And can I throw out McKay and Tyler's point chart?

This was my version of a chore chart. 
We used this for years and years. 
I would give them so many points for chores, or random things I wanted them to do for me. 
I'd say things like, "If you mop the kitchen floor I'll give you 50 points." 
Of course 50 points equaled 50 cents and they knew that, 
but 50 points sounded so much better.
And then they could cash their points in anytime they needed money. 

They also became very competitive with it....seeing who could get the most points. 

Looks like I may still owe McKay $1.50
(not sure what the 147.30 on the side is all about)

One of the very first things I thought after learning we were to 
move.... is how would I leave all the shelves in our garage 
that my BIL Dave Shepard and 
his incredibly good friend made for me?! 

He spent hours and hours and days and days putting these up all 
around our garage after Bill died.The items the shelves held are 
half packed, but we got SO much use out of them
But also, I often look at them 
and remember his example of service and love towards us. 
I will never ever forget that.

The realtors asked us to remove all family pictures 
before selling our house.We pretty much did, 
but since this was behind the bathroom door I kept it up. 
I wasn't ready to take it down.

My 4 sons and who they married above them. 
Those are the girls I prayed my boys to find one day.

And this gem. 

It was in the boys' bathroom throughout their childhood. 
I think they all could tell you the first line of this.

Bill use to wear this hat. 
It was part of who he was, and where he died.

As I was packing some of Den's things today I laughed 
when I saw this.

I had forgotten that years ago he actually needed a comb!
Filbert Avenue is where the rest of it all fell out.

Okay, that's enough for now.
Gotta get back to this.

The truth is I'd rather write or talk about packing, 
than actually do it.
But I still think packing is easier than getting ready for Christmas.

Before I go though, here's another distraction today, 
but a very good one to me.

Tyson McCauley, Amy, Logan, Chandler
They climbed Mt Whitney and they are on their way home!
I'm anxious to learn details.

I was relieved to see they are all still standing. 
I've heard it can be brutal. 14,500 ft high. 

The highest climb in all continental US.
Logan said for a short time he was the tallest man in 48 states. 

I've read that many do not make it to the top but I would love to know the stats on that. 
So far I can't seem to find that info on google. 


McKay said...

I loved this post! Fun to be part of you packing up. We wish we were there to help. Packing is a specialty of ours :). I loved seeing the forgotten things you found. I wonder if McKay remembers the point chart. I'm sure he does. I'll have to ask him about it.

Heidi Ballas said...

I'm so glad you posted a photo of the "suggestions for success!" I specifically looked for it when I was over there last week. I always took my time in your bathroom so I could read the WHOLE thing. 😁

Grandma Honey said...

McKenna....let me know what McKay says about the point chart. He's got to remember it!

Heidi....I LOVE that you read it too! AND, remembered it :)

Anonymous said...

So much to say....where do I begin? This post made me smile; this post brought tears. First of all, I am amazed at how far along you are with the packing considering not only time involved with life's events in general but all the company you have had this summer. I look around my home and moving everything would be absolutely impossible. I love the Rozier family sent me a copy and I cherish it. I love the one of the boys and their wives. What a wonderful, lovely idea. The shelves that Dave built and when/why they were built. Such a labor of love. I cried when I got down to seeing Bill's hat. Thank goodness for the photo directly below that of Dennis' comb and what you said as that made me smile again. I am a very nostalgic person so my heart is right there with you and this home. Looking forward to seeing your new home and the beginning of new memories. And yes, I too am relieved to know that Logan's are safe and sound.

Anonymous said...

I looked and looked at that photo of the boys and their wives when they were little. What a treasure! Thanks for posting it. Good luck on your packing and moving. SO much work!

Susan Anderson said...

Reading this was so poignant, Jill. I love the photos of your daughters-in-law, by the way. Such a cool idea!