Thursday, May 7, 2015

Strange I would find this today

Very early this morning as I was looking for some lost papers I needed,
I came across this newspaper article from 23 years ago.
I had not seen it for years, maybe even 2 decades.

It's my niece Robin, with her Mom Wendy AKA known as Chickee. Robin is Hailey's mom.

Here's the text easier to read...
But it ends there, because apparently I just saved the front page. 
So now I'll never know what Robin spent her prize money on. 

 Those were busy days back in 1992….my sons were 6, 8, 13, and 15.
 I probably just threw it in a box in the closet.

So after reading it this morning I looked to the top of the page to the date...

It's sort of bizarre to me that it was exactly 23 years ago today! 
And it was even a Thursday! Of all the days for me to find it….

I guess these were the other finalists….
The middle one I can't even tell who's the Mom and who's the daughter.

We all sure miss Robin.


Karen Mortensen said...

Love this post. I never knew that happened. I miss her too. She was an amazing person.

Anonymous said...

Aww... and there's little Hailey.

Richard said...

Thanks for the fun reminder! We have a copy of that article in a frame in our guest room where Hailey stays. Those were the busiest times of our life, too.

Baroque In Babylon said...

They went and got pedicures and manis with the prize money. I remember Robin telling me about it and reading that- I sure miss Robin too.