Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our drive to Medford

 I don't mean to put down my home state of California, 
but it's getting ugly here.

We drove mile after mile looking at brown and dead weeds.

 The change as we got close to Oregon was dramatic.
I don't usually take scenery pictures, 
but I could not resist this time.

But that's not the only difference.
Does something look different about this table 
when we stopped for dinner in Medford?
You guessed it, no water. Not unless you ask for it. There is no 
drought in Oregon. It falls from the sky more often than not.
Where we come from, restaurants bring water to you as soon as you sit down. It's automatic. 

And this. How I love this. It's hard finding just a garbage can in 
Oregon. But they do often have places for paper, cans...and look 
how small the waste compartment is. I think this would be a great 
way for kids to grow up. 

And for our final treat for tonight….
We get to open our windows here in Medford, Oregon. Fresh air! 
Seriously fresh, and it smells so wonderful 
I can not even describe it. 

We cannot do this at home.Tyler recently told me 
we made 1st place in worst air in the country.
Sorry, don't mean to sound like a trader. 
California has it's virtues too….most of my family lives there. 

Hey, and on our drive here we got to listen to this about my niece, 
Whitney. She got selected by The Longest Shortest 
Time….podcasts all about unique parenting. If you don't have the 
20 minutes to listen to it now, at least check out the pictures. It's 
called 65 women and a baby. It made me cry.
(Whitney is the youngest daughter of my brother Richard and Wendy (aka Chickee) 

Excuse me, but just ignore the rest of this post. It's just info of our trip I want to remember.
It would be too boring for anyone else.

7:30 We woke up, ate, packed, and made lunch until we left at 9:23am
10:39 Livingston, Ca for gas and power walk, left 10:57
12:41 Woodland, Ca (just north of Sacramento) gas and power walk, left at 12:58
lady clerk was really nice and gave us a free garbage bag (I forgot to pack ours)
milage: 198.5
3:00 Redding, Ca gas and power walk left at 3:18
Made quick bathroom stop at McDonalds about 10 min from Ashland, Oregon
milage: 343
5:45 arrived at Hampton Inn in Medford, Oregon
(next time call the hotel the day before and ask them NOT to spray any room freshener. Apparently calling them the  
morning of was not soon enough. This place reeks even with the window open and the fan going. 
But the air outside is heavenly.) 
Also, next time put some large ziploc bags in the glove compartment for garbage. 
Lunch: egg sandwiches and apples
Dinner: Elmers. I had cod, baked potatoes and vegetables. Dennis had a strawberry, apple, chicken salad.
The service was incredibly slow, and not that good, due to a soft ball convention in town.
The car seat warmers plus Curcumin really helped Den's sciatic pain.
Hampton Inn beat out both Springhill Suites and Holiday Inn Express we stayed in last few times here.
Beds firm but okay. We used my 2 camera battery rechargers so light up the bathroom a little.
A few other things we liked about his hotel:

The hardboiled eggs to eat on the run.
 Den said the food below was not too good.
But he loved the pillows they have all lined up for everyone's back. 
It's all about the little things.


Anonymous said...

Wave to my cousins Tess, Eric, Asher and Finn as you sail by! They love living in Medford!
Actually, the pics you posted of CA were not so bad. It was dry looking, but the sky looked pretty clear. I've seen worse. Happy travels!

Grandma Honey said...

That wasn't our typical California sky. But it is only May. We will enjoy it while we can.

grandmapeg said...

I love all the details you wrote, even the details you said to ignore. You are very detailed, but that makes it good so the next trip you can see what you liked and disliked. I think I told you last time you went to Oregon, but I love how green it is. Please keep us posted.

K Raven Rozier, MA, HHP, MH said...

If you get a chance to go, my fav breakfast places in OR are Ma Mosa's in Grant's Pass and Morning Glory in Ashland. Both have high quality food.

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks for the tip Raven. We go right through those places on the way home and if we are hungry at that time, we will try them out. On the way here, we ate lunches I had packed, but that food is all gone...

Susan Anderson said...

The drought makes me sad. I hope we get some rain before the season is entirely over. It looks kind of hopeful just now.