Saturday, May 16, 2015

I talked him into it.

Dennis has this thing about his hat. 
He thinks he needs to protect his head from getting burned outside.

So we were suppose to meet the kids at Vancouver's Farmer's 
Market but Den could not find his hat anywhere. 
He was not in a good mood. 

We looked all through the hotel room, in the car, and then decided 
we better get on the road. Turns out we arrived first so we sat in 
the car waiting, and he was very quiet. That's how I can tell he is 
not happy…he just gets very quiet.

So finally I said, "Well you know, I do have my hat I keep in the 
trunk. Do you want to wear it?"

I thought that would be an immediate NO, but he instead said, 
"Well does it look like a woman's hat?"

"Uh, well sort of. But you will never see these people again, 
so what difference does it make?"

So surprising to me, he gets it out of the trunk and puts it on. 
I told him not to even mention to our kids…
"they probably will not even notice."

So we first meet up with McKay and McKenna…

I think they were trying not to look at him at first.

Then I sensed McKenna was trying not to laugh.

Scarlett was not too sure about it either.
 Then finally McKenna took me aside and asked:

"Are you familiar with the Berenstain Bears?"

"Uh yes I am"

"Are you familiar with the father bear in the story?"

I had to think, "Yes, I am."

"Are you familiar with the hat the father bear wears?"

I had to think again…."Oh, uh….YES, I am."

"Well Dennis looks just like him." 

I think she nailed it.

By the time Karen and Tyler arrived, the hat was old news, 
plus they had other things going on.


Anonymous said...

Dennis, we stopped by your house today and not only were the ducks still there they had their friends with them. We only counted 7 eggs hidden around the pool. Looks like you're going to have plenty of chickees to feed. Susan and Dick

Karen Mortensen said...

Cute story.

grandmapeg said...

Definitely McKenna nailed it :-) But, Dennis could pass for a farmer in that hat. You are sure having a fun adventure. Thanks for sharing :-)

Rebecca said...

So funny. I think it looks like a farmers hat!
Good thing to wear the Farmer's Market.
He is smart to avoid sun.

Richard said...

I've got a wall of hats on hooks by my garage door...I'll bring Dennis a couple extra. Apparently they don't sell them in Vancouver.

Scrapally said...

Papa bear...totally! Dave is the same way about hats...won't go out without one!