Friday, January 16, 2015

This little girl knows what she wants

The other night, Violet and I discovered the program made in the UK called Little Princess. 
(on Netflix by the way)

Each 20 minute episode is about one problem. 
Some of the titles are:

I Don't Want Help
I Want a Surprise
I Don't Want to Comb my Hair
I Don't Want a Cold

The characters on the show talk simply and mostly calmly.

Violet sits glued to each episode. 
During about the second one we watched together she turned to me and asked,
"Is this show about me?"

Why yes, I think it is!

It's rough being 3 1/2. Just ask Violet. 
But she makes the best of it.

While Cami and her parents were in San Francisco this week….

Violet said she wanted to go to bed rather than go to Elora's dance class Tuesday evening.
She said she was tired.

So I tucked her in. I got a book out to read to her but she said, 
"Don't read it, just tell it to me." 

Then she said, 
"I need a nightlight. I can't go to sleep without a night light on."
So, I found one and turned it on.

Then she asked me to close the bedroom door. So I did.

After Elora left with Grandpa for her dance class, 
I heard all kinds of clinging and clanging of dishes and pots and pans in the playroom. 
Our little girl was having a really good time in there. 

Later on I noticed she was playing with real food she had 
taken from the closet which I use as a second pantry…..
 She's a resourceful child. She knows her plan and how to carry it all out.

Next morning she got up and climbed in bed with me,
 ready to watch another episode of Little Princess. 

But after we got up and dressed, Violet became distressed that there were no more straws.

"But I need a straw Grandma Honey!"
We are all out of straws.
"But I need one."
We don't have any.
"But I need one."

Something tells me...whoever wrote Little Princess, had a 3 or 4 year old.


grandmapeg said...

Little Miss Violet does indeed know what she wants :-) Our little Piper is that way too, knowing exactly what she wants. You and I are so fortunate to have our own "Little Princesses" close by!

grandmapeg said...

Just a P.S. Piper is really into straws too :-)

Grandma Honey said...

Has Piper seen Little Princess? She would probably love it. I think to Violet it's like having someone understand what it's like being a Princess….being validated.

Yolanda said...

Jill, have you seen Charlie and Lola? Also a British production. Very sweet series about a brother and sister. The library should have it.

Anonymous said...

Did you tell her she'd have to pretend?

Grandma Honey said...

Thanks Yolanda because I'd never heard of Charlie and Lola but I will look into it! I favor the sweet shows.

I should have thought to tell Violet to pretend she had a straw! Why didn't I think of that. She's good about pretending everything else.

Grandma Honey said...

Yolanda…I just discovered that while Charlie and Lola is not offered on Netflix we can get it through Amazon Prime on our TV… I will be checking that out soon!!