Friday, January 2, 2015

What our family gave us for Christmas...

We are loving our Christmas gifts. 
And truly, more than the gifts themselves, we LOVE the thought behind them.
In other words, we LOVE that we were thought of

For example, this gift.
All the stuff to make GLUTEN FREE PIZZA.

How very personal just for us, and we had a very delicious dinner 
that was enough for 2 nights. In case you can't tell, 
the crust was a  mix by Pampered Chef and was very good!

I am now using the empty container for our closet.
I will keep the bow on to remember the love!

And mustache drinking straws!
Grandpa Den has always needed these.

One of our granddaughters bought the one above and the one 
below with her very own babysitting money!

She knows how much I love table runners. :)
What a sweetheart.

 Pampered Chef cutting board. Now I no longer need to use plates 
to cut my vegetables on!

And I think I've mentioned on here before how much 
I adore pictures!
Richie, Tyler, Karen, and Leo

See how nice it looks all framed and in our family room?
And not only that but on Christmas morning we got to wake up to 
12 videos of this family. We watched them all before breakfast and 
before we opened out gifts. Loving every minute!!

 A stack of love notes that we will keep in our forever box!
I've already read them over and over again.

And pictures that were made just for me. Like this one by Jonas.
The big one is Grandma Honey and Jonas is holding my hand!
He captured my glasses very well don't you think.
Love how my feet are going one way and my body another. Some days are like that.
The holding hands is my favorite part.

And more beautiful family pictures! 
McKenna, Scarlett, McKay, and Grant

Thank you Thank you for family pictures!

These were taken right outside their home. 

If you think real hard, you may be able to figure out 
which book is mine, and which one was given to Dennis.
He laughed all through his. I could hear him from the other room.
I'm enjoying the one by Jeffrey Holland….Chapter 2 says, 
"…the crowning characteristic of love is always loyalty."
Never thought of it quite like that….but yes, of course. 

And the 2 gifts below will keep on giving for the next 6 months!
Den gets new razor blades sent to him each month!

And I get gluten free snacks sent each month. How cool is that!!

I was excited to get something new to wear to church. 
Surprisingly how fun it is to wear colors I don't normally wear. 
Expanding my horizons. 
I wore it to church last Sunday and then took my own picture. 

Dennis got some new threads too…..
someone knew he needed them!
I me really, who looks this good at 65.

I totally LOVE Christmas cards, even though I don't always get 
mine sent out. But every year there is one that stands out as the 
most interesting. This year, here's the one:

My niece Whitney, and her husband Bret, and baby Jay 
with all the sorority girls they live with in Berkeley.

And I can't close without mentioning what my Dad and Susan gave 
us for Christmas. It's unforgettable.
They sent us a card and inside this is what they wrote:
"On your behalf we have decided to give Christmas money to 
people on the street. We are going to the Poverello House and give 
out money randomly. This is money that would normally go to each 
of you. We hope that you can join with us in sharing the Christmas 
spirit this way. Love, Dad and Susan" 


Anonymous said...

Great gift from your dad!
So you used to cut vegetables on a plate? Really?
Loved the family photos! Very photogenic bunch.
Jonas drew you with orange glasses and very short brown hair. Kind of cute. With an extraordinary neck. This picture is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and is that real cheese on your pizza?

Grandma Honey said...

Rice cheese. The only kind we eat these days.

And yes, I have an aversion to using my wooden cutting board, so I just used plates for cutting things up on.

I'll have to go back and look at the neck!

Grandma Honey said...

Oh so you mean NO neck? haha I guess he sees heads just sitting on top of shoulders.

Karen Mortensen said...

What wonderful gifts. Love what Grandpa and Susan did.

Richard said...

Another excellent post, but that time of life has come where you could use an occasional editor. A picture of oneself is commonly referred to as a s-e-l-f-I-e.

Also, how embarrassing for Whitney to misspell sorrity on her Christmas card. We taught her better.

Grandma Honey said...

Okay I fixed it. I never said I was perfect. :)

Scrapally said...

What a fun post full of wonderful gifts! Would like to know more about your "forever box." Loved your dad and Susan's gift. Our bishop asked us all instead of giving gifts to our neighbors if we would consider donating to the mission fund. I thought that was a wonderul idea. And all our neighbors should understand why they didn't get anything from us. :)