Thursday, January 8, 2015

Amy and Logan basically dropped everything, and drove the 12 
hours to Mesa to check on Grandma Heasley. They got word she 
had been in the hospital there for 11 days.  

So they put their blow up air mattress in the car and took off. 

She was much better by the time they arrived…..

 But her leg looked "horrible" so…..

Logan took her to see the doctor. 
Some kind of bad looking infection. 

(You probably can't tell, but Logan is wearing his Grandpa Heasley's shirt 
who died about 3 years ago.)

Grandma still felt well enough to do her Wi bowling.
 She has many opportunities in the facility she is living in now. 
 Blurry, but I wanted a picture of where she eats every day.
Amy and Logan were also able to take her to church right there in the facility.

The view from her 8th floor room.

Logan and Amy's blow up bed where they slept for 4 nights. 
I know Grandma Heasley LOVED having them right near her. 

 For the last 3 days of the trip the twins stayed with us. 
Téa woke yesterday morning and said she was sick.

 She coughed and said she did not feel up to going to school. 

It was a very strange illness. 
She was so hungry and ate almost constantly over a 3 hour period: 

toast with honey
apple juice
2 small bowls of egg salad
a juice bar
a mandarin orange 
2 cookies
chips from Grandpa

and then she felt fine, and quit coughing.

This was the first time her brother went to school without her.
 He was just fine about it, and came home asking for 
a bowl of corn. So that's what he got.

I'm beginning to think they equate me with food.


Logan and Amy said...

Sorry, but that is not grandpa's shirt, that is my shirt

Grandma Honey said...

Sorry Logan but I thought that was one of Grandpa's shirts. You still wear those, right?

Karen Mortensen said...

Glad everyone is doing better.

Tyler Heasley said...

It looks like a shirt Karen got me for Christmas. I haven't seen it for a couple of days, so for all I know Logan has my shirt. Somehow.

Anonymous said...

Glad she's feeling better! (both of them!)

grandmapeg said...

I think all grandchildren associate grandma with food :-) I'm sure Logan and Amy enjoyed the visit as much as his grandma. What a sweet thing to do for her.

Rebecca said...

Maybe Tea just wanted to spend her day with "Grandma Honey"! Sounds like a pretty nice place....nice lunches and all....

Susan Anderson said...

I love that they went to take care of Grandma.