Sunday, October 26, 2014

Our lesson today...

We were having a discussion about the following quote in 
Relief Society today (our women's meeting at church)…...
“I think if all men knew and understood who they are, 
and were aware of the divine source from whence they 
came, they would have feelings of kindness and kinship 
for each other that would change their whole way of 
living, and bring peace on earth.” JFS
This made one of the sisters recite yet another quote 
because she loves it so much that she had it memorized! :
“In the kingdom of God we are all each others clinical 
material. The Lord allows us to practice on each other 
even in our imperfections.” Neal A Maxwell
She went on to explain that we all have faults and we are 
surrounded by people who also are flawed….and it is others' 
faults that give us PRACTICE to learn forgiveness, tolerance, 
and patience….otherwise how would we ever learn these 
As simple as that is, I had never thought of it this way 
Another sister pointed out that the older she gets the more 
mellow she becomes about letting things upset her. She 
thinks it may be because she is “running out of time” and  
"better be good.” I think it's because as we get older we 
become more aware of what really matters in this life, and 
what doesn't. 
Another one made the comment that in the scriptures we 
are told we need to pray for charity “with all the energy of 
heart.” Our Father in heaven knew charity would not always 
come easy, thus telling us to pray for it with all the energy of 
heart. It's that important we have it.
Still another sister, said she has no trouble at all loving every 
one at church and all around her, except….she asked why 
is it so much harder to be patient and kind to our family 
and extended family? "Why is it even harder to like them 
sometimes?" she asked. 
The teacher said she thought it's because the love for 
family runs so deep that it hurts A LOT more when THEY 
are unkind or uncaring to us. I think it hurts more because 
we know they love us and if they, who love us, can hurt us 
like that, then we can begin to doubt our own worth.
The teacher ended the lesson by pointing out to us that we 
should not pigeon hole people. Sometimes, she said, we 
make judgements of people who offend us instead of trying 
to understand them and LOVE THEM ANYWAY.


Karen Mortensen said...

Wonderful comments.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these little gems, Jill.

Scrapally said...

sounds like a great lesson. I love learning from everyone's comments.

yaya said...

Sounds like a good RS lesson! I taught RS yesterday on a similar topic. Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a fun Halloween!

EG CameraGirl said...

Timely comments as my one sister-in-law is in the midst of a family squabble with my brother-in-law who is married to my other sister-in-law. Sadly they are not yet ready to forgive each other. There's tension all around!