Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I bet you don't have relatives like mine.

Last Friday night, after my brother Richard and Wendy took us out to dinner…..

….I went into our bedroom to start getting ready for bed. Den came in and said,
"You need to come here and see what's in the hall bathroom."

I was tired and said, "Just tell me okay?"

"No, you need to come look. There's this big pig on the bathroom counter"

A pig? Why did that not surprise me?
"Well then go take a picture of it and bring it to me, okay?"

So he did. And here is is:

Den just stood there looking like he didn't know what else to say.
But I knew what he was thinking.
I assured him, "Don't worry, honey. I'm sure it's not for us." 

I knew Richard and Wendy wouldn't be giving us a pig, 
but Den hasn't been in my family as long as I have, so he wasn't so sure.

Turns out it had something to do with the double baby shower the next day,
for 2 of their daughters, expecting babies two weeks apart!!

Wendy was sitting right there on the floor, until 2am
wrapping gifts and making prizes for the shower…..
She was tired, and her head hurt, but she kept at it all those hours.

This post is already long enough, so next I will show the Mamas-to-be, and the food.

And the pig? I never did figure out how he was used in the baby shower.
It's a mystery. All I know is he's gone.


Karen Mortensen said...

Try and find out. That Wendy is amazing.

Rebecca said...

I am very curious about the pig!

Anonymous said...

Always wanted to know what your brother Richard looks like. He's the one with the sarcastic sense of humor, right? He cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

The pig was in our houses at Adler and Purdue and I asked my mom for it since I now live in the country. She kindly gifted it to me as it was a present from her own mother. I love the pig! He now lives on the table in my living room. --Natalie

Grandma Honey said...

Mystery solved! Thank you Natalie.

And Darlene…yep, that was Richard.

grandmapeg said...

My sister, Wendy, would love that pig! She has always been into pigs so she has a lot of pig decorations. I love how your children and Richard's have babies so close together. Makes for "fun cousin time".

Rebecca said...

Glad the mystery is solved. I think that pig is really cute! I would not mind having it in my house!!

Rebecca said...

But, why was it in the bathroom????

Susan Anderson said...


I guess it's a bathroom hog.


Kary Nelson said...

I completely agree--Wendy is amazing. I wish I could have been there helping!