Saturday, October 18, 2014

The change in our church

We saw history being made in our church in our little area last Sunday. Our church is growing so 
much that there was a need for more wards. A ward is similar to what other churches call a parish.
It is set with specific street boundaries.

So essentially they took 4 of the wards in our area and made 6 wards. In doing so, we were either put
into a different ward, or if we stayed in our regular ward, we have new people joining us. 

I see this as very exciting, although it also requires some adjustment as we miss some of our 
previous ward members.

Our Primary President, Judy Ryan, sent a letter out to all of the former 20 plus workers of Clovis 
3rd Primary. She has the ability to put words together like a beautiful piece of music. (By the way, a
Primary president is over ages 3 to 11….organizing teachers, music, and sharing and story time)

I've read it several times, and I feel it each time.

(And just so you'll know, Jefferson was one of the teachers, not a child in Primary.)

"Clovis III Ward Primary...
As many of you know, with the major changes to ward boundaries over the weekend, we have all been 
"let go."   I have a Powerpoint transition on my computer called "Confetti" where one screen explodes 
into ticker-tape particles, revealing a brand new screen.  This is my image of what is happening to us 
now.  I write this before the particles have settled.

My only regret is that I have not had the opportunity to loudly, publicly express my joy for having 
worked with you and express my love for each of you, for our long-suffering and magical secretary, for 
our quirky, creative, funny, amazing counselors, for all those who have transported the room with 
music, and for you ...for the various ways you have magnified your callings, putting your personal 
strengths to the task.  I would do so with trumpets.  Accept instead this inadequate email.  Please 
forgive and forget the snarky things I've said under my breath or the time I threw your cell phone, 
Jefferson, beyond the chalkboard.  I'm actually tearing up as I write this, something I would not do face 
to face. This is because I know I am better for having studied and tried to keep up with you.

I have three boxes of birthday candy left.  I intend to eat all of them myself some night when I'm alone 
missing you.  It's what I do.  But know, besides making me happy and fat, you have been a strength to 
our young people, and that legacy will grow in the next great adventure of their lives.  I've been hearing 
stories about children crying because they are losing their friends and their teachers.  Okay, fine.  But 
children bounce.  And none of us are going away.  We will glimpse our children many times, no matter 
where they are, now and in the life to come.  And I guarantee the feeling they get when they glimpse 
you back will be sweet and eternal.  I couldn't be more certain of that.
Much love, and I'll see you around...

Judy Ryan"

I found this picture today, taken several years ago of Judy with her husband, Tim.

I look like I'm totally bored. Can't be. 
Boring would not be an adjective I could ever use to describe the Ryans.


grandmapeg said...

What an absolutely beautiful, sweet letter Judy has written, and so thoughtful. It is hard when a ward splits and you lose that "once a week" meeting and greeting with friends and those you work with in those organizations. She has a positive attitude though and a grateful one which I'm sure the Primary teachers appreciate. I also know that this can be an exciting change for those, like you that love change :-)

Karen Mortensen said...

Mom told me about this. How exciting for everyone. Love to see the growth there.

Lisa said...

Oooooo....I'm the first to comment! Yay! I hope you're ok if I link this post to mine if I ever get a chance today. I love what you said and seeing the letter for so many reasons. There's so much that's not said in between the lines that is powerful beyond comprehension.

THanks for all your great insights AND I absolutely loved the feeling I had today in our new ward with the new Bishopric! We all loved and still our family from Clovis III but it almost feels like when your Son's got married, they ADDED their wives then kids kinda feeling.

We still have the loving bond of Clovis III and now we are getting more ward family members to love and grow our family circle... it's quite exciting if you ask me. xoxo

Fisher Family Fun said...

They did that to one of the wards in our stake a few years ago and they are still huge! Are you losing alot of friends?