Tuesday, October 28, 2014

How did they know?

Okay, I have to start at the beginning….

So I admit the latest book I'm reading is this:

Not to alarm anyone, but I think just about every single friend of 
ours who is about our age, talks about their memory. 
Our brains age just like everything else does.

All 100 chapters of this book are very short….2-3 pages.

So yesterday morning I was particularly interested 
in chapter 8, titled, "Drink Apple Juice." 
It talks about how apples contain acetylcholine. And get this, 
an Alzheimer's brain is typically low on acetylcholine. 
So this chapter suggests we eat 2-3 apples per day. 

Den and I were out last night visiting a friend at a memory care 
center. (Not that where this friend is has anything to do with this 
post, but that is coincidentally where we were last night.)

So as Den is outside emptying the garbage (again, this has nothing 
to do with this post either, but it is what he was doing) I decided to 
bake an apple.

We'd been thinking about apples all day 
since reading chapter 8 out loud that morning.

So Den came in from taking care of the garbage,
 and look what he brought with him!

"Those are beautiful! Where in the world did you get them?"

Turns out he was just coming in from putting our garbage totes out 
by the curb, and a friend and his wife drove by, and gave them to 
us! He said they were picked just this morning. 

Of all days for them to bring the apples by!

Less than 2 minutes later Den was trying one out.

He said it was completely and totally DELICIOUS. 
(Even more so I think because he is picturing his brain getting healthier!)

Life is so interesting.
And so sweet, with friends who bless it with Pink Lady apples .


Scrapally said...

I know who brought them...I recognize the delivery method... :) and I love Pink Ladies! They are my faves. With Terry Olsen's caramel dip of course. :) I think I need to read your book. My mom had alzheimers so I of course wonder who else will get it in our family. 2 of her sisters had it too...enjoy your apples! I just made Teri Stringham's Apple Betty...doe baked apples with sugary stuff count? ha ha

grandmapeg said...

That is quite the coincidence that the neighbor would give you guys apples on the same day that you've been reading and thinking about all of this. I love Pink Lady apples! So do you bake the apples just to soften them up or did you put them in a recipe?

Grandma Honey said...

I think all kinds of apples count. In the study they spiked old mice's water with apple juice and then they were able to get around better in their mazes! I love Apple Betty! Maybe you could give me Teri's recipe some time?

Richard said...

2-3 pages per chapter? And you belong to 2 book clubs? What do you gals read, Dr Suess?

Grandma Honey said...

grandmapeg….The link to the apple baking recipe is in this blog post. I carve a hole in the apple and put brown sugar, cherries, walnuts and butter, and then bake it. It tastes wonderful! Very Fallish.

Anonymous said...

We're about to go to the apple orchards (Oak Glen) near here. I'll try pink lady's this time. I always get stuck on jonagolds. So what other interesting suggestions does the book give for avoiding Alzheimers?

EG CameraGirl said...

I just LOVE synchronicity! Now I want to eat an apple. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you really bake only ONE apple?!!! Where are the other baked apples, the brownies, the carrot cake, and the pumpkin pie?
(just teasing you)