Sunday, August 26, 2012

And furthermore...

In addition to my previous blog post... This one would also be very hard to forgive.

I found it in today's newspaper.
I just cringed reading this. These poor people!

I remember when my first husband had his kidney removed.
It was the longest and hardest recovery of all his surgeries...
and then to have the nurse throw it away??

Of course in my husband's case they did throw it away because it was so damaged.
But the man in this article was planning on donating it to his sister!
And how that poor nurse must feel....


Heather said...

Oh no! How terrible for everyone involved!

grandmapeg said...

That is terrible and I'm sure the nurse feels awful. When did Bill have his kidney removed?? You've never mentioned that.

Sue said...

So sorry for her.
So sorry for them.

Sad, sad, sad.


Eileen said...

The first thing I thought of was the nurse. It's going to be hard (near-impossible I think) for her to forgive herself.
My heart goes out to them all.
Love and Prayers,