Thursday, August 2, 2012

Grant and Richie reunited

I couldn't help last night thinking of that day in January of 2011,
when Tyler called to tell me they were going to have a baby,
and McKay on the other line trying to tell me they were going to have one, too!

Notice the beautiful dinner McKenna made for us last night...
complete with a large piece of dessert for me without cream cheese.
My 4 daughters in law are so thoughtful like that.

Here they are....the 2 cousins together again after being apart for 3 whole months.


Mar~ said...

Yay!! How fun for you to all be together! Those boys are so cute.
Enjoy your time, I know you will!
Still praying and hoping for the best with your dad.

grandmapeg said...

From the pictures they almost look like twins. They are adorable. And the dinner looked so delicious! You haven't said yet, but are you having rain again?

Anonymous said...

Oh, they are going to be such good friends!

Karen Mortensen said...

The boys are so adorable. Looks like you are having a good time. Can't wait to see more.

Tyler Heasley said...

Those pictures are just fantastic. Rich was so, so happy to see Grant last night. And as I type this, Rich is having a hard time falling asleep for his nap, probably because he wants to play with Grant.

Sue said...

They are going to be best buds for sure.


Darlene said...

It is so neat that they had those two darling children so close together. They will certainly be close cousins for the rest of their lives! They are so cute together and I loved the pictures!

The dinner looks yummy ideed. How nice for you all to be together for a time, even if you had to go to Oregon to make it happen. I'm just so glad that you were able to make that trip!