Monday, August 20, 2012

There something going on in this town that I don't know about.

We were taking this little sweetheart home this afternoon.....

...when we drove past a new development just going up and
I said to Dennis, "I can't believe what I just saw....
those new homes look like something from the 1950s!"

So after we returned sweet Violet to her Mom... 
(She was clapping btw as she saw where we had stopped our car!
She LOVES her Mom.)....
We went right back to take a look.

Sure enough, these houses look like something I grew up in. 
1950s style homes are not so unusual, 
But these are new homes just being built.

How many decades ago has it been that houses were built 
with unattached garages?

I think I could go for a garage not attached. 
Less exhaust from our cars would get inside. 
But I wouldn't like walking from the garage 
to my house, after dark.
The windows are the older style too.
So I wonder, what's up with this? 
I couldn't even find out who the builder is 
because there were no signs up yet. 

See the resemblance to my childhood home?
The same looking pillars.
Same shaped windows.
Long rectangular porch.

Wait a minute.
I just realized I got it all wrong.
I looked up the stats just now on my childhood home (above) 
and it was built in 1925! 

I guessed I just thought I grew up in a 1950s house 
since it was the 1950s-60s. 
So this means, 
those new homes we saw today, are from the 1920s.

The plot thickens...


Karen Mortensen said...

This is so cool. I love them. I have always liked the older homes.
Now to get Tom to move to Fresno.

Anonymous said...

Ely just bought a house that was truly built in the 20s. Those homes are quite popular in Glendale. I've been through that home with him with a fine-toothed-comb, so to speak, and it is extremely well-built. Much, much better than houses typically are built today. I have a feeling those houses being built in your neighborhood are not as well-built. To build a house like that now would cost a fortune. But, I can see how they would want to build a "vintage-style" house. They will sell.

Tyler Heasley said...

Those are sash windows, by the way. I did take something away from my BYU education (interior design class).

Anonymous said...

Too bad they didn't build these new ones with the raised porches like they did back then. Did your house have a basement? Or just a crawl space? Any space would allow for real wood floors and the ability to get under the house and deal with plumbing and other stuff. Ely's has a raised porch, which means he has a basement of sorts and it's so cool to go down there and inspect the underside of the house. You can really see how well the house was built by doing that. (Don't mind me, I'm a house fanatic. I could look at houses all day and love every minute of it.)

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ No my childhood house didn't have a basement. A crawl space, yes. Basements are extremely rare around here, even for the older homes. I'm certain you are correct about these new homes we saw yesterday not being built as well. I'm anxious to see how this vintage neighborhood will look once they are complete. Interesting how you think they will sell. Dennis thinks they won't. We'll see.

Tyler~ Sash windows huh? Is that because sash style curtains work best on them?

nrozier said...

What's the mystery? They are craftsman style homes. Very cute!

Camille said...

I love the look of those news homes, but I especially love the nostalgic pics from the 1920's! There is quite a resemblance!

Grandma Honey said...

The mystery, Natalie, is:
1. Why are they bringing back this style after nearly 100 years?
2. Will people really be okay with unattached garages? (most of us are spoiled walking from car to kitchen)
3. Why are they building with no signs up, no advertising?
4. I can't tell for sure but the rooms look very small so far inside....they may look larger once they are complete....but aren't most buyers looking for atleast apartment size rooms?
But yes, I think they are very cute! Perhaps cute is enough.

Sue said...

Very interesting.

I guess they're trying to get some nostalgia going??


nrozier said...

If they are building modest homes without any signage I would guess they are part of a government program and are available to qualified applicants (e.g. low income, military, etc.). That is just a guess. Make sure to keep us posted if you find out.

Anonymous said...

If I were you, and this sounds like something you'd do, Jill, is go up the the builders and ask them these questions. Then tell me what they said.

Heather said...

It's a cute house, but I'm with you, especially regarding the detached garages! They do look really vintage, isn't it funny how trends are cyclical?

Grandma Honey said...

Natale... I never thought of that, but that would explain a lot. Especially with no signs up.

Darlene~ If I could figure out who the builder is I would ask those questions. The only sign we can find is a No Trespassing one. And we saw that after we went though one of the houses. oops.

Eileen said...

They look just like the new home community we saw being built in Delaware last week (except they had the big garage attached). But the style was exactly the same.

I've read about 'green' home builders that build the garage either at the back of the house or unattached the way you saw them, and the reason was the exhaust fumes like you said.

I don't think I'd like the garage to be separated because I'd be afraid too (especially here in New York), but I do like the idea of the garage being around the back of the house off the mud room (and that's all it was attached to, so there was some separation from the rest of the house, and some were built with a breezeway that attached them).
What were the interior of the homes like? Was it one big open floor plan like they build now, or was it more like homes built in the twenties? I know you said the rooms were small but was it open? We've seen homes that are small inside but still had that 'great room' idea. I liked them very much.

Love and Prayers,

Grandma Honey said...

No great room that I could tell, Eileen. The rooms seemed very small but then just framed homes usually do, so it was hard to tell. It was very hot that day so I just quickly wandered through. After we got back into the car I asked Dennis if it had a kitchen because somehow I missed it. He said it was there. It must have been tiny.

Eileen said...

I stopped by again because it just dawned on me that I did not even mention the MOST IMPORTANT part of your post! Violet!
She is just the cutest little one! I love her big, expressive eyes! So sweet.
I was just thinking that you've posted pictures of the baby boys recently but I haven't seen little Violet in awhile.

I guess I just got sidetracked by the interesting house development. Let us know how it all turns out!
All the best,

Grandma Honey said...

Thank you Eileen! I agree. Violet is so cute and a very independent little girl. As soon as she got here that day she went right to the cupboard where the sippy cups are kept. She rummaged around till she found the one she wanted and then brought it right to me. She does not waste anytime letting me know what she wants.

Lisa said...

PUN intended! LOL Where's the location?

Ammy said...

These look a lot like our house. Even though our home was built in 1998 I remember thinking the same thing about the 50's when we moved in. It's been a while since I've read your blog. It's been a while since I've posted in one...I have started a new one but haven't posted anything yet...I will invite you when I get it going. I am still going to keep my blog, but I will post more about the girls in the other one.

Grandma Honey said...

Yes, Ammy, please do send me an invite. I would love to read about your girls.