Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A little excitement at the Rehab tonight.

So Dennis and I had just said goodbye to my Dad and Susan at the rehab 
(broken back rehab.....not to be confused with drug rehab) 
when we got into the elevator to return back to 1st Floor. 
That crickety old elevator comes to a swaying stop, as it always does. 

Just as Dennis was stepping off the elevator the fire alarm goes off 
and a large door suddenly swooped shut landing on Dennis' hand. 
I was still behind him in the elevator and sort of screamed my way past him. 
I didn't have to worry about this door since Dennis' body was holding it open for me. 
But I wanted out of there!

The alarm is sounding and with my screaming, the receptionist comes running to our aid. 
I'm saying to Dennis, "Let's get the heck out of here. There must be a fire." 
He instead says to me, "Look at my hand." The front of it was covered in blood.  
By now the receptionist is on the phone intercom saying, "Code Red. Code Red." over and over.

We saw no signs of smoke or fire so he says to her, "I'm bleeding." 
She looks at his dripping blood and gasps and then makes another call saying, 
"Someone is bleeding!" Den says to her, "No, it's really not that bad. I just need a bandaid" 
Then here comes 2 nurses with supplies to fix Den's injuries.
This nurse surprised me when she said, "Don't take my picture."

Thankfully she added, "Wait till I'm smiling first."

Here comes the firetruck....

The nurses bandaged up Dennis well and told him to come back tomorrow for a dressing change.

The firemen were leaving just as we were.

As we were walking out the door, I told Den I wanted to go back inside 
and take a look at that door that suddenly closed on us as the fire alarm sounded. 
If we had just been 5 seconds later getting on that elevator 
the door would have been slammed shut before we had reached the 1st floor. 
How freaky that would have been to have the elevator door open to a door that was closed.

Anyway, this is the door that closed over the elevator.
And see that handle on the door? The other side of that door has one just like it.
That's what landed on Den's hand.

We were finally told there was no fire. Just a bad sensor.
But nevertheless, they aren't letting anyone back on that elevator. 
Which is fine by me. Because next time I go to visit my Dad, I'm taking the stairs. 

As we were driving home up the road a bit was another fire truck and an ambulance with sirens going.
I told Den I bet that ambulance was sent for him.
But he didn't want to turn around and go back to the Rehab to find out. 

The good news is my Dad is being moved to a transition room tonight.
Susan will get to stay with him for the next 7-10 days until he is released.
Then they will move into a very nice senior living place just a mile from our house!


Anonymous said...

Glad Dennis is ok. And your dad. He must be really tough to make it through an ordeal like this at his age. Good for him! And guess what:? You've got his genes, so that's good for you, too. Tough genes are a blessing.

Tyler Heasley said...

You guys should reenact this and make it into a movie. I was on the edge of my seat.

Karen Mortensen said...

What an adventure. Glad Dennis is okay.

Rebecca said...

wow that is scary. I would take the stairs next time too!

Sue said...

The crazy thing is that some people would sue for this kind of thing. And that is the problem with our society!

Glad that he's okay. And I hope your dad improves quickly!


Grandma Honey said...

Well no of course we aren't going to sue. But I'm concerned because his hand is still bleeding.

I just think that is such an odd fire alarm system. I can understanding slamming the elevator doors shut so no one will get on in case of a fire...but what about those already in the elevator! The door either injures them as they walk out, or slams them shut inside the elevator.

Anonymous said...

I certainly don't mean to embarrass Jill, but I think we all need to take a second to appreciate the great job she does of recording her family history. Even non-family, like me, loves keeping up with her extra-special family. I feel like I know them all personally, though I've never met any of them face-to-face. A good blogger can make you feel that way. Thanks, Jill.

Eileen said...

Whoa! Oh my goodness! How horrible to think of being trapped in there! So glad you two got out! So sorry to hear about Dennis though. Is he feeling better?
'Glad to hear about your Dad being moved, and I think it's wonderful that Susan gets to stay with him, and that they will be so near you soon.

Sue is right, I think if that elevator mishap had happened here in New York, there would be a lawsuit. We live in such a litigious society, and I think my home state is one of the worst!

Give Dennis my best wishes.
Love and Prayers,

the Rich girl said...

Ooh! I'm so glad you guys are ok. (Well, minus Dennis' hand.)

Also, I agree with Tyler. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time too!

And what a great nurse! I love her "wait till I'm smiling first" attitude. :)

grandmapeg said...

Hopefully Dennis' hand is better today. That really was a scary thing to happen. I'm with you for taking the stairs the next time. How do you ever have the presence of mind to start taking pictures in a scenario like that? I'd forget to do that. I'm glad your dad is doing better.

Mar~ said...

Glad Dennis is alright. And you, too! I do not do well in elevators - or small, tight spaces. I would have gone a little crazy if that happened to me!
I am glad to hear your dad is improving somewhat. I am praying for him daily.

Becky Jane said...

Your post reminded of when I was visiting my aunt. She lives on the top floor of an assisted living center. While visiting her, the fire alarm went off and everyone was told not to use the elevator, but to go out on their balcony. I'm in a wheelchair and funny enough, my chair didn't fit on her balcony...yikes! Thankfully it was just a drill, but I'm never going to my aunts apartment again...she'll have to come to the lobby to visit.