Monday, February 21, 2011

Today they all went home

Earlier today our grandgirls went back home to begin life with their brand new sister.
Last night, just as they was going to bed, Elora said to me, "
"Grandma Honey, before you go to sleep tonight, look right beside your pillow."
For some reason that sounded alarming to me so I asked, "Why?"
"Just look by your pillow. That's all I'm sayin' "

Of course with that statement, I wasted no time and went right into my bedroom, while Elora followed close behind. I noticed Dennis had turned down the sheets already, as he often does.  There was nothing by my pillow. Elora looked a bit panicked so she dove right into our bed searching everywhere. She kept saying, "I don't know what happened to it!"
"Well what was it??" I asked more than once.
She then jumped off the bed (literally) and slid herself under the bed.
"Here it is! I found it!" 
And up she came from the dust (it collects under the bed you know), with this sweet treasure in her hands:

As I began to open it, she said, "And this applies to Grandpa Dennis too." 

It's wonderful to feel appreciated. 

***In all honesty, I have to say that Elora thinks both Grandmas are 'the best.'***
She has a very special relationship with Erin's mom that I couldn't hold a candle to.
But I like to think Elora and I also have something unique and special, too.


cristie said...

beautiful baby...precious card. xox

Grandmotherfairy said...

What a sweet treasure! Grandchildren are the sunshine in our lives!

grandmapeg said...

What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL baby Violet is!!! Such an appropriate song to accompany the video too. It has started my day off with a smile. And Elora's note is so sweet. It brought tears to my eyes. She is always so thoughtful. Brock and Erin have such beautiful, sweet girls! You are one very blessed grandma!

Karen Mortensen said...

This was all so sweet. I think I am going to cry.

darlene said...

ohhh.... this brought tears to my eyes.

Dad and Susan said...

So so precious is little Violet. Thanks for the preview.

Elora already know the difference between "your" and "you're" and I'm so impressed. This is a common mistake in many children and also, sadly, in adults.

On a higher note, Elora expresses herself well and is GRATEFUL. What a good job her parents have done in raising her and her sisters.

This blog amused and impressed us as well as tickled us.

Love from Pismo Beach, Dad and Susan

Rebecca said...

What a sweet little video! Violet looks so wide awake and alert! A few times it even looks like she is smiling!

Sue said...

I'm so touched I can't even stand it. Violet is absolutely adorable.

And that note!!! It is priceless. I just love that Elora.

Seriously. I DO!


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

The joys of being a grandparent...ahh

Darlene said...

Oh,what a precious gift, the little note of appreciation written by Elora to her sweet Grandma. I love love love it!!!
aren't Grandchildren just the best? I feel so sorry for my friends that do not have them.

Ann said...

Congratulation Grandma Honey and family. I love Elora :).

Mar~ said...

So fun to see little Violet in action! What a doll! Those grand babies of yours are sure darling!

Eileen said...

I can't get over how alert Violet is!
And I absolutely think what you have with Elora is a very special relationship! And I love that she gets that too! Such a Blessing, Jill!
Love and Prayers,