Saturday, February 26, 2011

Logan on TV back in 1983

While on the subject of dentistry (previous post) I wanted to show this clip of my son Logan at age 4 or 5. This wasn't exactly a commercial, but a documentary our local PBS station was doing on pediatric dentistry. 
Dr Berryhill called and asked if I would let Logan be her subject. He was always up for anything. 

I put all the captions in, except for the first one. 
So here they are, back in 1983.

I'm not sure anyone would be interested in this but I wanted to post it.
Oh the memories.
I've never figured out though why the days were so long back then, but yet the years flew by.


Karen Mortensen said...

That was cute. Loved those blouses they wore. LOL.

Grandma Honey said...

Must have been the style because I think I had a similar one on that day.

grandmapeg said...

Logan was very cooperative! My children were never that calm at appointments! I noticed the blouses too. It seems those bows would get in the way while she was working. I had a couple of blouses like that and I always had to be very careful when I was eating so the bow wouldn't touch my food. Anyway, Logan was sure cute!

darlene said...

Logan was such a trooper. Very trusting and cooperative. So sweet.
I wouldn't have liked to have to be in another room for this! You must have really trusted the dentist.

Sue said...

This is such a great memory to have in a video. So cool.


Ammy said...

Makes me think about my dentist when I was that about trauma!!! I'm still traumatized by me dentist.

Logan and Amy said...

He is so cute!! Im glad you shared this video. He did so great at the dentist! My five older kids do great so it will be interesting to see how the twins do :)

Dad and Susan said...

Two stars in one family!!! Awesome. Love, Dad and Susan

Eileen said...

What a good boy he was!
I remember that I had to wait outside while my children were in the office too.

And I remember that I had quite a few of those 'bow' blouses!
This video was great and I'm looking forward to more!

kelly said...

Peyton just went to the dentist a few months ago for the first time. Her dentist sounds pretty much the same as Berryhill but with an accent. Mr. Thirsty is there too but he is much, much smaller and has a tiny, clear, disposable straw attached to him.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~ I didn't like being in the other room either. She never wanted me to be in with her saying the child is more cooperative without the Mom present. Which is why I ended up changing dentists...we didn't stay with her very long, even though I felt she was very competent.