Sunday, February 13, 2011

Banana Shakes

It's become routine now for my grandchildren to request these. 
The twins expect them after dinner with us! 
Elora wants one after school the days she is here.

Great way too, to use up bananas. 
I slice and freeze them as soon as they are ripe. 
We never have old bananas that we throw away, like we use to. 

 They just do not taste as good if the bananas aren't frozen.
 I also try to freeze them flat, rather than in clumps, because they blend better that way. 

Put several slices of banana in the blender, some milk (any kind), 3 ice cubes, a little vanilla. If it is too thick to blend, then add a little water, or some more milk. Sorry there are no measurements...probably about 1/2-1 c of milk or more to each banana. They always turn out very yummy.

(NO don't put shampoo in it. 
I didn't realize that was in the picture. 
I had just washed my hair in the kitchen sink before making the shakes.)

The twins are going through a picky eating phase right now. So if they don't eat a good dinner, I will add some protein powder to the shake.

The other night I was making one of these while Jonas was standing right by my legs, his little feet together and his hands clasped, just staring up at the blender. I stepped away for just a moment to get something across the kitchen and he immediately started sobbing. Just an all out grieving sob. I realized he thought I had changed my mind and he wasn't getting his shake after all. So as soon as I got right back there by the blender, he was happy and patient again.

You have to try these. They really do taste like a frosty banana ice cream, only better. There is just something about those frozen bananas!


Travis LeMaster said...

Those shakes sound great, and the kids look like they are enjoying them!

cristie said...

we eat a lot of frozen bananas around here too. thanks for sharing. xox

Scrapally said...

Great way to use up bananas! I think my banana shake will have a little hershey's syrup in it. :)That picture of the twins drinking their shakes is darling!!!

Grandmotherfairy said...

They sound yummy...I remember when I was little they used to have banana icecream on a stick...kind of like a fudge you remember those?

Susan Rozier said...

Jonas is certainly an effective communicator!!! So, so funny.

The shake sounds delicious. I freeze half bananas, but didn't ever think about slicing them first--good idea.

Can the twins tell the difference when you add the protein? They are cute kids. Love, Susan

darlene said...

I have a daily "shake" of banana, coconut water, spirilina and raw, unsweetened cocoa powder. Probably sounds gross, but it's an acquired taste, and I love it!

darlene said...

By the way, the bananas HAVE to be ripe or it doesn't taste good. They have to have brown spots on the peel. That's when you know they are sweet.

Grandma Honey said...

Darlene~Except for the cocoa powder, that sounds really good to me. Is your coconut water the 'So Delicious' brand?

And I've never tried the bananas that ripe. I think they would be too sweet for me that way.

Susan~ I use brown rice protein and the babies can't tell it's even in there.

Scrapally~ If I once put choc syrup in those shakes even once, the kids would ALWAYS want them that way.

Grandmotherfairy~ I DO remember the banana icecream on a stick! I think they were covered with chocolate. :)

Sue said...

What a great idea! I am going to start freezing my bananas, too.

And what a darling story about Jonas.


Heather said...

They are so cute! I bet my kids will love these! Thanks for the great idea!

Robin said...

I will be trying these too !! thanks for the great ideas to use with my grandbabies once they get here !! lol

grandmapeg said...

That's a fun idea! Do you use soy milk for you when you make them? That picture of the twins is so cute and Jonas does have a great way of communicating to his Grandma Honey!

Grandma Honey said...

I use soy milk for the grandkids (since we don't have any cow's milk), and rice milk for me. said...

I loved this post...and I want to try your sugar cookie recipe...everyone's is so different...yum...and I agree that homemade frosting is THE BEST! I'll have to make this banana shake for Luke...he went to Ecuador on his mission and LOVES bananas. :)

Ammy said...

Our bananas always go ripe too fast and I end up wasting them a lot. Freezing bananas is a good idea. I will remember to add protein powder to Josey's...she doesn't eat all that great right now...Thanks for the pointer!!!!

Eileen said...

I love banana! And I will definitely try these. Thanks!