Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've got babies on my mind

And one in particular who will be born tomorrow.

I saw this commercial yesterday and it made me think of how much pregnancy and the baby world has changed.
Not only did we not know what we were getting until he arrived, 
but what went on in the womb was a total mystery to us.


Karen Mortensen said...

This is cool. I wish they had this when Daniel was born.

Is Erin having a c-section today? Hope all goes well.

grandmapeg said...

These ultrasounds get more and more incredible the way they pick up all of the details! I am so excited for all of you guys and can hardly wait to see pictures of little Violet!! Have fun with Elora and Cami!

Grandmotherfairy said...

I can't believe how much things have changed since I had my children...I saw an ultra-sound of our newest grandchild a couple of weeks ago, and even though it will be a few months before arriving, the profile looks just like daddy...amazing!

Kris said...

Oh my goodness! So exciting! Can't wait to hear the news!

Dad and Susan said...

The "Miracle of Birth" continues to continue! Hearts still swell. Our thoughts and prayers are with Erin and Brock today. Love, Dad and Susan

Darlene said...

Babies truly are a miracle, aren't they? I love this post. I have never really seen those wonderful pictures of the baby in Utero. I is amazing how they can do that today. Ultra sounds are truly amazing! Thanks for this post.

Eileen said...

This is beautiful!
And I love seeing how much Sophie has grown each time Erik & Lori bring us the ultra sound pictures from Lori's doctor appointments!