Saturday, March 6, 2010

Be Strong

Lately we have been practicing this song with the Young Women (ages 12-18) in our ward.  
The message is so powerful, the girls are so good, I get tears in my eyes every single time I hear this.

This is our theme in 2010 for the youth of our church.   
It takes a few pictures before the song actually begins. 

One of my favorite lines from this song:
 "If you stand for something right and stand alone, 
remember someone stands by you in our Heavenly Home."

I love this! 


Mary said...

I loved how the youth were singing in their native languages. The Lord hears them all the same!

Dad and Susan said...

Jill, We both LOVED this! Each one in the pictures seemed to have a "light" in their countenances. You could see it. Chills. Gratitude for righteous youth and leaders to guide them. Love, Dad and Susan

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

This was wonderful. I liked seeing all the different people from all over the world. It was cool to hear them sing in other languages too. Not only is this a good song for the youth but also for the "older" crowd too.

Sue said...

A great message for youth today. They will need to be strong, and they are.


grandmapeg said...

What a beautiful song!!! This is the first time I've heard it and I absolutely love it! I too loved how the youth sang it in their own language. Thank you so much for sharing this. It has such an important message not only for the youth but everyone!

Eileen said...

Beautiful song and such a touching video! I love seeing all those young people so strong in their Faith, it's so wonderful! Such a nice contrast to the drudgery that we get fed constantly. Gives me hope for our future.

I've missed so much again, but I made sure to read back. I also found the Osmond video very touching too, thanks for sharing that. My heart goes out to the family in this sad time.

On a much happier note, congratulations to Brock! I wish him all the best in this endeavor! He's very talented and he deserved this win!

I loved the videos at Logan & Amy's, the twins are adorable and the baths in the sink is something I always did with my kids too!
And I think Tea does look very much like you Jill, Dennis is right, looking at your baby picture is just like looking at a picture of Tea. (And I think you were an adorable baby!)
Oh, and I love how Jonas takes Tea crawling all over him in stride! Such sweet babies!

I loved Cami & Elora's new bed! Such a treasure to have! And the 50's dance sounded great!

Best of luck to Taylor on his Mission call!

And thanks so much for the car/mirror tutorial, I called Ray over to watch and he claims he already has the mirrors set like that! It really was amazing to see the difference!

All wonderful posts, Jill!
Wishing you and yours all the best,
PS ~ I got 20 on the Baby Boomer test! I'm old!

Lisa said...

That is a beautiful son & very moving. The Church does such a good job with these videos using people from all over the world. It's message very powerful. Thanks for sharing, I have never heard this son before.

Miranda said...

This is the first time I have heard this song. Thank you for the good cry!

James and Kresta said...

What a beautiful song! I always love the songs they pick for the YW! Who wrote this song?

Mar~ said...


I love it.

Valerie said...

I love it. Since my son was the deacon president, he was involved in the Brand New Year program, presenting the 2010 theme to the youth of the stake. He really liked the theme and then my parents gave him a mood ring that has the theme on it too. Great reminder to be strong and of good courage all throughout the day, wherever you are. The song is also a wonderful reminder they can keep in their minds and hearts.