Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who does she look like?

I was in the other room last night saying,  "Oh Den I was such an ugly baby."

My ever positive husband answered back,  "Oh no you weren't.  No, no, I'm sure you were very cute. Don't talk like that"

"No Den, you've got to see this!"

So I brought this picture to him and he said,  "Oh my gosh!!!  You look like, you look like, you look like...." he was such in shock that he couldn't even remember her name!  And he started laughing and pounding his desk...."You look like Téa!!"

That did something to me.  Having all sons, it's a real treat for me to have these little grandgirls in my life now.

So then suddenly I started thinking...if I look anything like Téa, then I must have been a cute baby after all, because Miss Téa is a DOLL. 

Mom use to tell me that when I was little I would have to be holding things.  (Actually I still do that... do you ever see me without my purse?)
 Téa has started carrying around a bunny, when she crawls!  Could it be she got her holding gene from me?  I can dream.

Den says I look like McKay in the picture below. 
My Mom of course put the caption below back in 1955.
I realize that by next month our Téa could look totally like someone else, and that's fine.  But for this brief moment in time, and even if it is an illusion on my husband's part, I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. 


Richard said...

You were even cuter than Suzie Zander.

Mary said...

Tea is getting to be a real talker, isn't she? Funny how Jonas is so laid back. Babies are so much fun!

Jill said...

Téa usually is talking. Jonas is pretty silent unless he is trying to get someone's attention...and then he will grunt this sort of loud low tone!

Rebecca said...

WOW that is amazing! You two could be twins!

Dad and Susan said...

Loverly! Such darling pictures. Yours too, Jill. Love, Dad and Susan

grandmapeg said...

Cute pictures of you when you were a baby! I loved the video clip of the twins. Jonas seems to take it all in stride.

darlene said...

They sure seem like contented babies! Are they always together like that?
I was always carrying something when I was little also. Usually a doll. Another way you and I are similar, Jill!

the Rich girl said...

You do look like Tea! Wow!
She really is just such a cutie.

I can't wait to see how these two interact when they are older.

Lisa said...

The resemblance is truly there! You were and still are a CUTE BABY! THe grand kids are so incredibly cute. What a crack up they are together. It'll be fun to see how they go through all of life's ebbs and flow. Actually all of your cool. gotta love your DEN. He's a good man.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Love all of this. Everyone is adorable. I will have to come down this summer and spend some time with everyone. That is if you don't mind.

Just ME the MOM said...

Look at these beautiful photographs - amazing!


Amy Nielson said...

I can definitely see the resemblence between you & Tea. So fun! This video of the 2 of them is so cute. I like how Jonas just lets Tea beat up on him or whatever she wants and doesn't complain. :) I can only imagine how much work twins must be, but how fun for those 2 to have each other. I bet they will be best friends!!

Sue said...

I think your husband has it right! Which were gorgeous!