Friday, March 12, 2010

1955-1957 and 1962

John and Richard 1957
(2 of my brothers)

I found all these pictures together in my files with a rubber band around them.

I guess Richard and I got all dressed up for John's newborn pictures.
Or maybe it was Sunday.

October 29, 1955 Judy Perry's birthday party (whoever that was, I have no idea-just reading off the back of the picture)
Everyone seems to be doing their own thing.  I'm the one to the far left.  Richard is sitting down next to that girl who looks like she is taking something away from him.  Maybe that's Judy Perry. Oh I see Susie Zander to the right, looking on to Richard and Judy.  Hmmm

Richard holding John in 1957.  
Love the wooden playpen on the porch.

That's the neighbor boy, then me, then Richard loading his gun, upside down.
I'll never know why did Richard got to have longer bangs than me.


The picture below is blurry but I like the happy smiles on our faces-

Fast forward for a sec to 1962 in Yosemite.
How did we all fit in that little VW?
Mom, Robin, Richard, John, me. 
(before Peggy, Scott, Heidi, and Chris were born)

Back to 1955, Richard's girlfriend, Susie Zander, again.  
I tried to locate her on Facebook with no success.  

Looks like I'm trying to keep Richard and Susie Zander apart.

Anyone know any tips for finding people on Facebook beyond just putting their name in search?


the Rich girl said...

Jill, these pictures are very cool.

When you search for Susie Zander, are you searching for her as Susie or Suzanne/Susanne?
I googled Suzanne Zander and came across someone who could be Susie. I don't know how you would know if it is her without sending her a message on facebook.!/profile.php?id=100000474276416

Good luck finding her!

Dad and Susan said...

Great nostalgia pictures! Dad and Susan

Jill said...

Thank you Karen...I just sent her a message! We'll see. I had put in just Susan Zander before, I didn't think of looking for Suzanne or Susanne. It's harder finding women because they usually change their name at least once in adulthood. I wish there were a way to find someone by towns they have lived in...

Richard said...

That neighborhood boy is Mikey Cardoza. He was last seen in 1957 leaving town with gunpowder burns on the side of his neck...

grandmapeg said...

I love your old family pictures but I have to comment on the picture of the kids at the birthday party. Nobody looks like they are having fun because there are no smiles and the one little boy looks like he has had enough and decided to leave :-) I love seeing all of these cute, younger pictures of you!!! You are such a cutie! Thanks for sharing!!

darlene said...

We used to pack people in cars back then. That was before seat belt laws. Remember when we sat on each other's laps while riding in cars?

Richard said...

John and I both had longer bangs than you did...apparently mom was trying to cover our bald spots with early comb overs.

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

I love all these pictures. I remember stuffing a whole bunch of people in a VW bug. It was great.

I love all the pictures you put up of your boys. Mckay looks a little lonely over there by himself. I hope he can get married soon.

Anonymous said...

Here's a Susan Zander-Modugno

Anonymous said...

I think in all of them you look just like your Granddaughter Tea. The better you can see your face the more you look like her, especially in the eyes.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the family in the V.W. at Yosemite is actually in General Grant park and we are parked under a Giant Redwood - I think.


nrozier said...

I love these posts with old photos! They are my favorite.

Jill said...

DAD..I thought General Grant Park was in Yosemite. Sorry. Then where is it??

Anonymous said...

General Grant Park is south of Yosemite or east of Visalia.

Richard said...

It's General Grant Grove inside Sequoia National Park...

Richard said...

Who's the fourth person on the hood of the VW? Sasquatch? He/she sure has a hairy face...maybe the car wasn't quite full enough so we picked up an extra.