Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday Conference at home

Last General Conference, 6 months ago, we were all anxiously waiting for the twins to be born. They arrived the following Sunday. Oh what memories.

So last weekend we got to share conference with them, and their cousins. I watched my grandchildren with such awe, and thankfulness.

Camers especially enjoyed the music!

She also enjoyed hanging out at the baby center.

Austin and Téa fell asleep IN the baby center.

How do you like his zebra mustache?

Lots of family snuggle time.

And spinning time for Elora!

And some mother/daughter time as they headed out to the car to go home after the last session.
Erin and Elora look more alike with each passing year.
Logan had to work, and we sure Missed Him
Amy, being the good wife she always is, made sure to bring home leftovers.

Thanks Richard and Wendy for having McKay and McKenna to your home in Alpine, along with numerous cousins. I tried to get someone to take pictures but no such luck. McKenna told me today they were continually fed there, and made to feel right at home.

Tyler was sick, so he and Karen stayed home and watched it alone. Hope you are feeling better Tyler!!

Every time conference is over I want to say, "No, no no no we want more."

Transcripts will be ready soon, but for now you can rewatch it on your computer here.


Eileen said...

You have such a beautiful family, Jill!
And they all marry such beautiful people and give you such beautiful grandchildren!
The twins are just adorable!

And I love hearing how much you love everyone. There is another blogger who always refers to her daughter-in-law as her 'daughter-in-love' and I think that's the sweetest thing. The relationship she has reminds me of yours with your 'in-laws' too!

I really love the picture with Austin sleeping and Tea snuggling up to him. Very sweet.

Beautiful post!
All the best,

Richard said...

The only thing better than Conference was the company we kept!

grandmapeg said...

Hey...since you fix so much food, can I come for the next conference weekend? I'm sure everybody loves getting together and the pictures show it. Cute kids and grandkids! You are right...Elora is looking more and more like Erin, so they are both beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

tyler said...

I am doing better. Thanks! However, Karen has a sore throat and is sleeping right now. Hopefully she doesn't get it too.

Jill said...

Uh oh. It sounds like she is getting it. Dennis is also sick today which is rare for him.

Dennis said...

Austin wasn't sleeping...just meditating. Oh, yeah...cool mustache.


lindsay lark said...

Conference with the cousins was so much fun- so sorry I didn't think to take pictures!