Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Provo weekend

BYU played Utah State last Friday night. Den's daughters, Kim and Kris, plus their husbands wanted to see it live.

They also wanted to meet for the first time, McKay's girlfriend, McKenna! Plus, of course, see Tyler and Karen again.

All together for dinner at Chilis
See the newlyweds right next to McKenna and McKay.
Our Utah grandgirls: Emily, Katie, Rachel, Jessica
Why is McKenna looking like that at McKay?

Do you think Robbie could pucker up a little more? Maybe if he works at it!

Our Utah grandsons: Robbie, Jacob, Matthew
You're not suppose to make that face McKay, when you are out with your girlfriend.
The Happy Bunch.
Come to think of it, this group is ALWAYS happy when they are together. They break the stereotypes for step children.
Mike (Kris' husband), Karen, Tyler, Ryan (Kim's husband)
Kris, McKay, McKenna, Kim
McKenna and Emily (helping?) Rachel. Must be a story behind this picture.
McKenna, Jessica, McKay
Ooooo, this picture looks serious.
Jacob made a picture for them, too, of McKay juggling. (See him do that HERE.)
Our sweet girls, Kim and Kris, who everyone everywhere LOVES.

Then all 7 kids went home with Karen and Tyler for the evening, while the parents attended the BYU game. I heard they all had a blast!

Thank you Kris for all the great pictures!!!

BTW, we had a most wonderful conference weekend...more about that later.


Eileen said...

This was great! It's always so nice to see wonderful family get-togethers!
And you have such wonderful blended Blessings!
This was really such a joyful post!
You can see the love they all have for each other, and you can see that they really enjoy each other's company.
Beautiful family!
God Bless!
All the best,
PS ~ I loved all the pictures but my most favorite photo had to be the one of Robbie sipping through the straw! Priceless!

Kris said...

We had such a fun time this last weekend seeing the gang! What a pleasure it was to meet McKenna- so, so nice, genuine, and beautiful.

About the straws....I forgot to tell you that Aunt Karen taught the boys how to make them super long! They thought that was amazing! Karen and Tyler spoiled the kids rotten at their home. They were so awesome to make forts with the kids, watch movies together, and have ice cream. The kids had an absolute ball. Rachel keeps telling us, "I want to go to my friend's house again!" :) Tyler and Karen- you were the best!

Sadly, USU lost...big time. That's OK though- I love BYU and hopefully made Dad proud by standing up proudly and singing the "BYU Fight Song" quite a few times!

grandmapeg said...

Great pictures Jill. They all look like they had fun. What a great blessing to have such a fun family who enjoy each other's company! I probably sat straight across the football field from Kim and Kris and their husbands :-) Thanks for sharing your family. And your are was a wonderful conference weekend!

darlene said...

In the pic of Mike and Ryan, they could be brothers!!

Jill said...

Darlene, In that picture Mike and Ryan DO look alike, but in person not at all, IMO

the Rich girl said...

Tyler and I had so much fun playing with the kids; I'm glad we could help out! Kim and Kris, thanks for letting us play with your cute kiddos!

tyler said...

I'm glad I could pass on the fort-making legacy.

We had so much fun!

Jill said...

So Tyler, when I saw those pictures on Karen's blog, that's just what I thought were carrying on the fort making legacy! I remember the week before you were born...I was 9 1/2 months pregnant. It was cold and wet and I was just trying to get through the long winter days with your energetic brothers while waiting for your arrival. They built a fort all over the kitchen table, completely covering it, and I let them keep it that way for days, eating their meals under there. Later on when you were older, all 4 of you would make elaborate tents...sheets and blankets draped through out the LR and FR. It seemed to be our family winter Saturday tradition.

Lisa said...

LOOKS FUN!!! Great pics too. You said that the Osmond's father said the twins looked more like Osmonds than him, but if you look at McKay...he looks like Donny Osmond today but with very good skin & youth going for him. Don't you think? I saw Dancing w/the Stars this past week for the 1st time & now that I see McKay here, they look an awful lot alike.

Anyways...wouldn't it just be divine to live in Provo without the altitude sickness? That would be a fun group to be around all the time!